Roman Reigns reveals career moment he tries to forget

Being the most prominent figure in WWE, Roman Reigns becomes the driving force behind the success of WWE. There have been several unforgettable moments due to his heel turn and his focus on the Bloodline. But believe it or not, Roman would rather forget one big accomplishment than remember all the good things he did as a babyface.

The Tribal Chief made it to his first WrestleMania main event with a win at the 2015 Royal Rumble, but fans’ awkward reactions made him feel confused about his victory. Now Reigns has come clean about trying to put the moment out of his mind.

One match Roman Reigns tries to forget

With his role as The Tribal Chief of The Bloodline, Roman Reigns has been dominating the company by starring in one of the most appreciated storylines in WWE for the last four years. But there was a time when fans rejected him as the face of the company, notably at the 2015 Royal Rumble. 

Fans in Philadelphia booed the former Sheild member when he won the match and made it to his first WrestleMania main event, even though he played a “face” persona. The crowd was still not thrilled with him after he won. Many people had the desire to see Daniel Bryan compete in the main WrestleMania event rather than Roman Reigns. 

Roman Reigns
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The booing was so loud that even The Rock’s entrance was not enough to change the mood of the audience. In a clip from his upcoming episode of Biography: WWE Legends on A&E, the Tribal Cheif talks about that night and how the bad response robbed the significance of his first Royal Rumble win. 

He said, “I was booed, historically. You think about these moments. You dream about them, and the moment that it actually happens, it’s like they’re playing the worst soundtrack of all time over your moment, ruining your party. That’s how the Rumble in Philly felt. I try to forget Philly. I try to forget the Royal Rumble.”

After taking heat from fans in the past, Roman Reigns is now being likened to wrestling greats for his incredible growth and domination in the ring. Due to his outstanding performance, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is the latest legend to be featured on A&E’s hit series “Biography: WWE Legends.” 

Roman Reigns to feature in “Biography: WWE Legends” series

The undisputed champion of WWE, Roman Reigns is taking center stage in the most recent installment of “Biography: WWE Legends,” and wrestling fans are excited to dive into his story before WrestleMania 40. The director of this documentary is none other than Paul Heyman, Roman’s close adviser, which may raise a few eyebrows in terms of bias. 

Roman Reigns
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Heyman brings his fresh viewpoint to the project as its director for the first time, but some are questioning if it’s not a little biased. The Wise Man claims it won’t be! He claims in the trailer that Roman Reigns has the respect of all the major individuals in wrestling, including John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Undertaker.

With interviews with WWE greats like John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker, the documentary follows Roman Reigns from his early days as a developmental wrestler to his present position as “The Tribal Chief.”

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