Matt Riddle provides his two cents on CM Punk’s WWE return: “He’s money”

Former WWE superstar Matt Riddle spent five years working for WWE before being released from his contract in September 2023. Meanwhile, CM Punk has returned to WWE after almost a decade away from the ring. He recently signed an exclusive contract with Monday Night Raw and announced that he will be taking part in the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match.

Recently, amid the recent hype surrounding Punk, Riddle shared his thoughts on the return of Second City Saint to the Stamford-based promotion.

Matt Riddle weighs in on CM Punk’s WWE return

Matt Riddle had a successful five-year stint with WWE, during which he featured on NXT, Raw, and SmackDown. However, he was released from the company in September due to several out-of-the-ring incidents. One such incident involved a strange episode at the airport, which took place shortly before his release from WWE.

It’s worth noting that Riddle had a career as a mixed martial artist before joining WWE. He had a successful stint in the UFC but was let go because of his fondness for marijuana. It’s not common for WWE wrestlers to have also competed in the UFC, but Riddle and CM Punk share that distinction. Although Punk had a less successful career in the UFC, with a record of 0-2, he deserves credit for trying.

During an interview with “MMA Junkie,” Matt Riddle shared his thoughts on why CM Punk returned to WWE. The former WWE Tag Team champion said that The Second City Saint is the money, and WWE loves that money.

“I’m not surprised because WWE likes money, and CM Punk is money, just like he was money in Mixed Martial Arts. You can’t argue with a man that is money. That’s like with UFC. I know if I fight, I’ll sell tickets. It’s just if they want it,” said Matt Riddle.

Matt Riddle’s next career move announced

Matt Riddle became a controversial figure in WWE due to his problematic behavior outside the wrestling ring, which eventually led to his termination from the company. He seems to have a busy schedule planned for 2024, but he already has a packed schedule this month. He is set to appear for MLW, and his appearance will take place earlier than anticipated.

It has been confirmed that Matt Riddle was fired by WWE in September. After his release, he received interest from other wrestling promotions and also started his own business venture. He even purchased a new car. It was announced that he would be joining Major League Wrestling (MLW), which caused fans to speculate about his quick move after his 90-day non-compete clause expired. Riddle wasted no time in finding a new promotion to join.

A few days ago, MLW made a surprise announcement regarding Matt Riddle’s first appearance for the company. It was revealed that Matt Riddle will make his on-air debut at MLW Holiday Rush on Christmas Eve. He will face Jacob Fatu in a highly anticipated matchup next year.

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