Mojo Rawley describes his tough Covid-19 battle playing part in his WWE exit

Former WWE star Mojo Rawley has recently shared his experience of fighting COVID-19, which almost took his life. During an episode of the “Power Alphas” podcast, Rawley talked about how he dealt with the disease and how he came close to losing his life. He also revealed that he was scared despite being a seven-time 24/7 champion.

In recent years, WWE has terminated the contracts of several superstars as well as dismantled certain internal departments of the company. Unfortunately, many of these firings have resulted in several talented individuals being left without employment.

Mojo Rawley reveals his difficult Covid-19 battle

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the wrestling industry, with many stars contracting the disease and suffering its consequences. Mojo Rawley recently shared his experience with COVID-19 on the “Power Alphas Podcast” and revealed how it contributed to his release from WWE.

“I got it really bad, really bad. I almost died from it, I got hit and for some reason, it hit me worse than anybody else in the company. I couldn’t wear t-shirts. I couldn’t lay down. Anything was suffocating. There were days I couldn’t speak,” said Mojo Rawley.

Rawley shared how he struggled with a disease that kept him out of action for almost a year. He fought hard to recover, but he kept relapsing. Rawley also mentioned that a simple move like a body slam could have caused him serious harm. He was worried that if he had to participate in a pay-per-view match, he might not be able to perform well.

“It was up, it was down, it was all over the place and I was really concerned that maybe we’d be building toward a pay-per-view match and one of these bouts would hit and I couldn’t function,” said Mojo Rawley.

Why did WWE release Mojo Rawley?

Mojo Rawley, who signed with WWE in 2012 and debuted on NXT television in May 2013, recently opened up about the reasons behind his release from the company in 2021. COVID-19 took a significant toll on Rawley’s health, forcing him to go into retirement from WWE which came after a mutual understanding by both parties to part ways for the best.

He states, “I had a conversation with WWE and that was it. We went our separate ways and I needed to figure out what to do next.”

During an interview with “Insight” with Chris Van Vliet in 2021, Mojo Rawley expressed his happiness about being released from WWE. Rawley had been associated with WWE for almost a decade, which he acknowledged was “a hell of a run,” but he felt it was time for him to pursue new opportunities and make a change.

“Truth be told there’s some other stuff going on there. All I can say is I’m grateful to have been with the company as long as I was. I mean putting in almost a decade, that’s a hell of a run. Truthfully I am happy it happened. It was time for a change. Sometimes you never want to be the one to necessarily initiate that, but you needed it to happen.”

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