Released WWE star reveals Vince McMahon’s plan for Pete Dunne on main roster

On the episode of Friday Night SmackDown on January 19, Pete Dunne revealed the news of the return of his popular character persona. The WWE star made his way into the main roster after he was rebranded as Butch of ‘The Brawling Brutes’.

Vince McMahon, the man behind some of the iconic WWE era, has always been picky about selecting wrestlers whenever they were to debut on the main roster. One former WWE Superstar spoke about how McMahon allegedly thought that Dunne was unworthy to wrestle on the main roster.

Vince McMahon’s plan for Pete Dunne revealed

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been in the news for his questionable choices several times. In the 2022 March 11 episode of SmackDown, Vince introduced Pete Dunne to WWE’s main roster as Butch. His character joined with Ridge Holland and ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus, forming ‘The Brawling Brutes,’ and helped them in their feud against The New Day.

During an interview on Muscle Man Malcolm, former WWE wrestler Mansoor revealed some inside details about LA Knight and how Vince hated the idea of Pete Dunne joining the blue brand. “Dude, Vince McMahon wanted Butch to be a guy that never wrestles. Vince wanted Butch, Pete Dunne, to be a scrappy little guy, who just attacks people, but he never wanted Butch to actually wrestle a match,” Mansoor said.

Pete Dunne has left his Butch persona behind and now goes by the name that once dominated NXT UK. The athlete recently teamed up with Tyler Bate and might soon be seen as the tag team duo.

Pete Dunne eyes Gunther feud

Pete Dunne was once one of the longest-reigning WWE United Kingdom Champions. He reigned as a king at the UK brand but later got dethroned after Gunther made his entry. Dunne lost his title defense match to Gunther, who later broke several records and outshined Pete in the process.

In the recent episode of SmackDwon Live, Pete Dunne returned with his tag partner Tyler Bate to face off against Elton Prince and Kit Wilson. Both Dunne and Bate defeated the Pretty Deadly team after a grueling match. On January 20, Pete Dunne addressed his fans on Twitter where he posted that he is not dead and that he is back to steal the show.

Professional wrestler Dutch Mantell once praised the Bruiserweight for his athleticism and maneuver. He said, “Pete Dunne has some good moves. He got some moves I have never seen before, and he kinda reminds me of, a little bit while walking out, of Shane Douglas. That’s what I am seeing, he looks a little bit like him anyway.”

Dunne’s comeback has left fans amazed, some are hoping to see him feud with Gunther like in the old days, while others are sharing on social media if he will be inducted in the match card of Royal Rumble 2024 or if he will face the Pretty Deadly with Tyler Bate again.

What do you think of Pete Dunne’s return? Do you think he will join the Royal Rumble? Let us know in the comments section below!

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