NBA Twitter explodes after Draymond Green proves Jusuf Nurkic right

Despite his Hall of Famer caliber career with the Warriors, Draymond Green has become known for the wrong reasons, earning a “dirty player” reputation due to his on-court antics. However, the Warriors’ front office is well aware of Draymond’s skillset, which positions him as an all-around player alongside Steph Curry.

While his on-court behavior may present challenges, the franchise is willing to accept it in exchange for his defensive abilities. Nevertheless, it appears that Draymond struggles to avoid public scrutiny, making it challenging for him to have a quiet day at work.

Draymond Green proves Jusuf Nurkic was right all along

The Golden State Warriors secured their second consecutive win, but it wasn’t without drama. With Draymond Green on the team, the question wasn’t whether there would be an incident, but what it would be this time. Green accidentally struck Knicks shooting guard Donte DiVincenzo with an elbow to the face, causing the 27-year-old to fall to the ground with blood from his nose.

Despite the lack of an intentional foul, home-court fans at Madison Square Garden took a jab at the Warriors forward for putting their key player on the floor. DiVincenzo, who played for the Warriors last season, was traded to the Knicks in July with a four-year contract. Despite being in considerable pain, he returned in the second half, contributing to a 110-99 loss for the Knicks.

Draymond Green scored 7 points, secured 10 rebounds, and provided 6 assists in his 27-minute gameplay. During a post-game interview with local Warriors reporter Bonta Hill as one of the hosts, the 4-time champion responded when asked about the game.

Taking a dig at the reporter, Green said, “Bonta, I’m shocked you’re talking to me. The way you were talking about me when I got suspended, I’m very shocked you’re talking to me.”

In December, Green was suspended after an altercation with the Phoenix Suns’ Jusuf Nurkic during a game. When they met again after the suspension Nurkic commented about Green,saying, “He didn’t learn anything. Just a matter of time, he’s going to hit somebody else again.” His prediction about the veteran has indeed come true.

Fans react to Draymond Green being himself

Draymond Green’s activities have frequently piqued the attention of the NBA community. From sharing critical views on MVP candidates to taking digs at the opponent players, he has been pretty vocal in almost everything.

He has been heavily criticized by the fans for his views and violence on social media and after the DiVincenzo incident, the NBA fans were presented with yet another occasion to diss out their verdicts on the matter.

Here are some of the comments from X (formerly Twitter):

A fan commented that his action is not even allowed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship while Green got away without getting any foul “That’s ILLEGAL in the UFC and he gets away with it in an NBA game”

Another fan added, “How many chances will this guy get?” addressing his multiple violence on-court.

While another fan had a clear thought about his removal as he said, “He needs to be removed or he retire”

A comment read sharing the same views as the previous one : “Nobody else does things like this “accidentally” get this guy out the league.”

Someone sarcastically wrote, “It was just an accident for the 585th time,” as Green has showed his violent side multiple times

It will be highly surprising is Draymond Green manages to stay out of controversy when the Warriors take the court against the Toronto Raptors next on March 1.

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