Matt Riddle candidly talks about his time at a strip club, his several failed cocaine drug tests in the WWE

After parting ways with WWE, Matt Riddle is considering a return to MMA, but only in places that don’t have strict rules against drug testing. Multiple issues outside of wrestling cast a shadow on his departure from the company, most notably a September 2023 public brawl at JFK Airport.

However, evidence from his most recent interview suggests that wasn’t the main reason he left. He admitted to failing multiple drug tests before leaving WWE, which was a surprise, but the company decided to handle it privately by fining him instead of making it public.

Matt Riddle recalls his several WWE cocaine drug tests failures

As far as professional wrestlers go, drug controversies involving Matt Riddle are nothing new. The news that Matt had a history of drug abuse and had failed many drug tests in the days leading up to WWE contests was shocking to many. No one knows why Riddle left WWE as the promotion has never spoken anything about it. 

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While speaking with Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour, Riddle dropped hints that drug use was one of the reasons for his dismissal. About his multiple failed drug test, he said, “There was one week where I failed bang bang, didn’t know I failed the second one and by the time I failed the first one, I got two at once. I think that’s why they were a little more lenient.”

Initially, WWE was tolerant despite his several drug violations. But after partying all night and failing another drug test, WWE suggested Riddle to check himself into a rehabilitation center, but he declined WWE’s suggestion to extend his stay for another 30 days. Afterward, WWE made the final choice to fire him.

“I went for the 30 days, I left, and when I left, they made a recommendation that they wanted me to stay for another 30 days and I was like, ‘I said I would do 30 days, I don’t want to do another 30 days,” he said, remembering the WWE’s overbearing request. 

Matt Riddle contrasts Triple H and Vince McMahon WWE regimes

A lot has changed at the top of WWE since Vince McMahon sold the business in 2023. Vince has officially left TKO Group and WWE. Currently, Triple H is overseeing the creation of WWE show storylines and programs. 

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In a recent interview, Triple H and Vince McMahon’s former employee Matt Riddle discussed their respective leadership approaches. Backstage operations are supposedly more structured now that Triple H is in charge, according to Riddle.

Matt said, “With Triple H in control, there is a lot more control in the sense that things are organized. At least when I was there, before I left, things were, they were scheduled for this.”

Instead of making last-minute modifications like Vince McMahon did, Triple H and his crew prepare ahead and don’t mess with the shows too much. Matt added further saying about Vince, “With Vince, I feel like he did it on purpose. I don’t know the method but like there would be a show. You’d get a script on like Sunday and by Monday, nobody knew what they were doing.”

How do you feel about Triple H’s influence inside the company? Do you agree with Matt Riddle’s remarks? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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