NFL community harshly criticizes refs for their terrible calls on Bills QB Josh Allen and Panthers DB Xavier Woods

Beyond the win-loss columns, players’ on-field records, and moments of unsportsmanlike conduct, the league’s referees have encountered a growing wave of scrutiny from passionate fans this season. Human error is an inescapable facet of the game, but it’s the frequency and high-stakes nature of these errors that have stirred disquiet among the fans.

In Week 9, the chorus of discontent surrounding the officiating reached a crescendo after two contentious calls involving Josh Allen and Xavier Woods. Fans wasted no time in reminding the zebras on the field of the standards they should uphold.

NFL refs make terrible calls on Josh Allen and Xavier Woods

Everyone accepts that referees have the challenging task of enforcing complex rules in real-time situations on the field. But sometimes their controversial decisions let the fans forget this and raise eyebrows about their responsibility and integrity.

Sometimes they ignore many big issues that should be penalized or for which the player should be ejected, yet they let the player go like nothing happened. Again, sometimes they become so serious that even a slight jump can not avoid their eagle eyes. 

During the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals Week 9 contest, one aggravated referee was spotted who flagged Bills starter Josh Allen for pointing at the defender after making him jump.

In another scenario, refs called unnecessary roughness on Carolina Panthers DB Xavier Woods during their matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.  Wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. of the Colts received a quick pass from quarterback Gardner Minshew in the center of the field, and Pittman jumped up to catch it. As soon as he grabbed the ball, Panthers safety Xavier Woods brutally struck him to take him away from the ball, per ML Football.

The hit brought a penalty call for the Panthers. Nevertheless, it’s seemingly like the defense players were not allowed to play football rather than enjoying the game and unfolding scoring opportunities for the rivals.

NFL community brutally criticizes refs for their terrible calls

The NFL Week 4 saw consecutive controversial decisions of the refs during the New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs when they protected the Chiefs as Tom Brady used to save his teams. The Jets have been the victims of these controversial calls since the start of the season, instigating the NFL to seek an apology from them.

The fans don’t know how much they have to tolerate these irrational calls against their favorite team, yet they can’t skip watching the NFL. Hence, one fan had to show his disgust for flagging Burrow, saying, “We can’t even boycott the games because we’re mid-season too. smh this is sad”.

The penalty call for Xavier Woods infuriated the Panthers fans, urging that the refs have been rushing to present their funny side more than they have been vying to set discipline on the field.

“Refs get more and more ridiculous every year,” one comment read.

The questionable decisions of the refs prompted Jets star Aaron Rodgers to come out with some suggestions as his team is perhaps the worst victim of this so far in this season.  

The players have nothing but to accept the unacceptable calls while their fans have already lost their patience while urging the league to “go over a rule refresher” following the season.

“NFL really needs to pull all the refs in after this season and go over a rule refresher. This season has been horrible,” one fan suggested.

What’s your opinion on their controversial calls?

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