Randy Orton once gave a pep talk to his own WWE partner mid-match, changing Angel Garza’s career for better

WWE superstar Randy Orton has been a phenomenal wrestler since his debut. Randy, destined to become a future Hall of Famer due to his accomplishments in WWE, is regarded as one of the most infamous heels in WWE history, often refusing to cooperate with other wrestlers in the ring.

However, in a rare moment during a match in 2020, Randy Orton offered guidance to his teammate Angel Garza, advising him to concentrate more on the ongoing fight in the ring and sharing some valuable words of wisdom with the young wrestler.

Randy Orton once gave a pep talk to his own WWE partner mid-match

Randy Orton doesn’t take it lightly when any of his stablemates underperform in the ring with him. With his extensive experience in wrestling, he knows when it’s crucial to guide younger superstars in the right direction.

The Viper, back in 2020, had teamed up with Angel Garza and Andrade to face The Viking Raiders and The Big Show. During the match, Garza’s focus began to waver, and his lack of determination was immediately noticed by Orton.

He then pulled Garza aside, gripping him by the neck and exclaimed, “Listen to me right now. Get your act together!” He continued, “I know you grew up in the business, just like I did. That’s why you’ve got a place in my heart. But don’t think for a second that I won’t put you in the dirt.”

This stern rant from Randy Orton, one of WWE’s most notorious heels who rarely assisted young talents, left fans on edge. It was an unexpected moment that served as a memorable and heartfelt experience for the young wrestler Angel Garza.

How did Randy Orton’s mid-match advice impact Angel Garza’s career?

The Apex Predator had a positive impact on the career of NXT superstar Angel Garza. Garza believes that his in-ring persona improved over time as a result of the altercation with Randy Orton. Currently, Garza and Humberto Carrillo have returned to WWE NXT. Two weeks ago, Angel Garza took to social media and sent a concise four-word message to solidify their alliance.

On the other hand, Randy Orton is still sidelined from in-ring actions due to an injury. However, he is reportedly recovering well and actively training for a spectacular return to WWE. As of now, there are no speculated dates for his return. Orton has been absent from WWE since 2022 after losing the RAW Tag Team Titles to The Usos on an episode of SmackDown.

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