Randy Orton receives heartwarming words of appreciation from wife Kim: “I love that you’re all mine”

Randy Orton is a veteran in the world of professional wrestling, having competed inside the squared circle for over twenty years. He is regarded as one of the most accomplished pro wrestlers of all time, earning the love and respect of fans and peers alike. His loving relationship with his wife, Kim Orton, is often highlighted by fans.

Recently, Kim seems to have sent an emotional message to Orton. During his early days in WWE, Orton was known to be a problematic person backstage. However, after meeting his wife Kim, The Viper became a better person and even gave her credit for the positive change on many occasions.

Randy Orton’s wife Kim shares heartfelt message

Randy Orton participated in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match of 2024, where he had a chance to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship title currently held by Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, Logan Paul, a YouTuber turned wrestler, caused controversy, and his actions led to Randy Orton’s defeat in the match.

Kim Orton recently posted on social media to send a brief six-word message to her husband, Randy Orton, on Instagram. In her post, she shared a new set of photos of her husband and wrote a short message expressing her love for Randy. The message read, “I love that you’re all mine, @randyorton.”

Taking a closer look at Randy Orton’s love life

In 2015, Randy Orton tied the knot with his wife, Kim Orton. As a prominent celebrity and former WWE Champion, he was associated with a few women before his marriage. However, some of his alleged romantic relationships were only part of the storylines for WWE television. One such rumored romantic partner was Stacy Keibler.

The wrestling legend, Stacy Keibler, served as Vince McMahon’s assistant in 2002. During her time as an assistant, she was seen flirting with Randy Orton, who was making his debut at that time. Stacy claimed that Randy was making advances towards her, which resulted in a match between Randy and Hardcore Holly.

The two superstars met again in 2005 and were portrayed as an on-screen couple, but their relationship was short-lived. Before Randy’s WrestleMania match against The Undertaker, he RKO’d Stacy to prove his ruthlessness. It’s worth noting that Stacy Keibler and Randy Orton never dated in real life.

Although there were rumors of Stacy Keibler dating Randy Orton, she dated former WWE superstars Test and David Flair. However, she left the company in 2006. Later in 2011, she made an appearance on Tough Enough.

Randy Orton is still a part of WWE. He was married to Samantha Speno from 2007 to 2013. Currently, he is married to Kim Orton, and they have a total of five children. From his previous marriage, he has a daughter, and Kim has three children from her previous relationship. They also have a daughter together.

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