Recent reports claim CM Punk’s potential WWE return is not dependent on Vince McMahon

Both in WWE and in AEW, CM Punk has established himself as one of the most legendary superstars. Throughout his career as a wrestler in the professional wrestling world, Punk has amassed a number of titles for himself.

Unfortunately, the celebrity was just dismissed from AEW for a fight that occurred backstage. Nevertheless, in spite of the firing, fans are quite enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing him return to WWE after ten years, although this is contingent on Nick Khan, the CEO of WWE.

Report: CM Punk’s WWE return up to Nick Khan

Former WWE Champion and AEW Champion, CM Punk, who has been terminated from AEW after the backstage brawl in All In might be brought back by Triple H in WWE, only if a higher-up of the company approves him. The fans were shocked after hearing the news of CM Punk being fired from AEW by the CEO Tony Khan and the CEO seemingly revealed how his life was in danger during the brawl incident between Punk and Jack Perry.

Ever since being terminated from the AEW promotion, Punk has been rumored to make his return to the WWE after a decade. However, a significant question remains regarding the possibility of this happening, as Punk has reportedly severed ties with the Stamford-based promotion in the past due to some personal differences.

However, the possibility of his return can never be dismissed, as Triple H has consistently prioritized what’s best for the company and would likely seek to resolve any issues. Despite all the rumours, the decision won’t rest solely on Triple H, as the CEO Nick Khan may have the final say, especially in the absence of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, according to a report by ‘BWE.’

“If Triple H wants CM Punk back in WWE, it will ultimately be down to Nick Khan to make the ultimate choice as Vince McMahon is ‘too busy’ dealing with other projects,” the report stated.

Punk reportedly wanted WWE to return in 2022

After being released from AEW, several new reports are now suggesting that CM Punk may have expressed interest in leaving AEW as early as last year, prior to his termination. ‘Fightful Select’ reported that CM Punk wanted to come back to WWE at the Royal Rumble 2023. The plan involved Punk making a surprise return to the arena and starting a feud with the wrestler who eliminated him from the Royal Rumble match. This feud would then lead to a main event match at WrestleMania 39. The top name considered for Punk’s opponent in this scenario was Kevin Owens.

Indeed, a match between CM Punk and Kevin Owens would have been highly entertaining for WWE fans, considering Owens’ status as a top star on the WWE roster. However, these plans never materialized as Punk remained with AEW. With CM Punk no longer a part of AEW, there is speculation that he could potentially return to WWE if the circumstances align.The chances of Punk’s return to WWE appear slim at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that nothing can be confirmed with certainty, as there has been no official statement on this matter.

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