Daniel Ricciardo garners fan appreciation for being “cultural chameleon” after 2011 footage resurfaces

Daniel Ricciardo has been long renowned as the go-to for comic relief on the Formula 1 grid, due to his positive attitude and cheerful personality. He has also built up a reputation for embracing other cultures, an aspect that’s integral to being a Formula 1 driver, given the global interaction they are subject to.

Recently, fans have been going crazy over a video that has surfaced of him from 2011 at the 2011 Indian Grand Prix!

2011 footage earns Daniel Ricciardo plaudits

Daniel Ricciardo is known for his tendency to embrace foreign cultures, with him having dressed up as a Texan for the US Grand Prix at Austin Texas, fashioning a cowboy hat.

While fans wrote this off as a love for the circuit and the country, a recent video has surfaced of Daniel Ricciardo from 2011 which has caused fans all over social media to deem him a “cultural chameleon.”

In the video, Daniel Ricciardo can be seen dancing along with members of the Sikh religion in India, who were playing “dhol” and dancing to a particular folk dance style called “Bhangda.”

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He is seen mimicking the steps of his fellow dancers, while wearing a proud smile on his face, implying that the Australian was clearly enjoying this interaction.

This video has drawn in appreciation from fans, with comments like “I love this guy,” and “Daniel Paa ji.” Fans have credited the driver for his tendency to be a ‘cultural chameleon.’

In the meantime, however, Ricciardo is still recovering from recent injury he acquired at the Dutch GP race weekend.

Ricciardo set for lengthy absence

In Free Practice 2 at the Dutch Grand Prix race weekend, AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo suffered injuries to his wrist due to a crash with the tyre wall at the Zandvoort circuit.

The injury caused him to miss the race altogether, and he was replaced by rookie driver Liam Lawson for the weekend. However, the injuries being severe, he ended up missing the Italian Grand Prix weekend altogether as well.

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Christian Horner recently gave an update on these injuries, claiming that the Australian may be out of the car until October. Horner said, “Certainly Singapore, I don’t think there’s any chance he’ll be ready for then, and I think it would be optimistic for Japan.”

He continued, “But we’ve seen with motorcyclists rushing comebacks, they can sometimes do more damage. We just want to make sure he’s fully fit before he gets back in the car.”

Do you think Daniel can be back by the time the Japanese GP begins? Comment what you think down below!

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