Rey Mysterio reveals he’s “more than happy” to pass the US title to second-generation WWE star

WWE Hall of Famer and current United States Champion Rey Mysterio is having a pretty great title run, as he successfully defended his title against the former titleholder, Austin Theory, at Payback. Now that his rivalry with Theory is over, Mysterio said that he was open to facing and passing on his title to a fellow LWO member.

Rey Mysterio won the US title on SmackDown last month when he defeated Austin Theory to capture the gold. Although Santos Escobar was initially supposed to be in the championship match, he was replaced by The Master of 619 when he got injured by Theory prior to their match.

Rey Mysterio discusses US title future

Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, The Master of 619 talked about his son Dominik Mysterio and the future of his reign as the United States Champion. When asked about his upcoming match with fellow LWO member Santos Escobar, Mysterio said that although they have a lot of mutual respect for each other, things might get personal between them.

Rey Mysterio opened up about his friendly rivalry with Santos Escobar in the interview. He said that both of them were brilliant competitors and things could easily take a turn for the worse. However, The Master of 619 said that he is looking forward to a respectable matchup between the two.

He further said that he knows Escobar wants to capture the championship, as his opportunity to shine was stolen from him a month ago. In that case, Mysterio said that he was more than happy to pass on the championship to his fellow LWO member.

Rey Mysterio also pointed out the fact that he would not have become the US champion in the first place if it hadn’t been for Santos Escobar, who pleaded with The Master of 619 to take his place in the match against Austin Theory.

“I gotta point out first the fact that I would probably not be United States Champion if it wasn’t for Santos in a way giving me the blessing to step in and face Austin for what he did. So I’m very thankful for that, very appreciative”, said Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio praises son Dominik

Things between Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik haven’t been great since last year. The father and son went in opposite directions when ‘Dirty’ Dom betrayed the Hall of Famer to join the Judgment Day. They even clashed in a singles match at WrestleMania 39. Despite their differences, The Master of 619 is proud of his son’s progress in the company.

Rey Mysterio

Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, Rey Mysterio was asked about the importance of family connections in Lucha Libre. While answering, the Hall of Famer mentioned Dominik Mysterio and talked about his progress in the company and said that his son his making his way up the ranks. He could not help but smirk while complimenting his son.

It’s no surprise that Rey Mysterio is proud of his son’s progress as a competitor in the company, now that he is no longer associated with him. Although he still maintained kayfabe while talking about Dominik, he also said that he would be open to facing him once again. Fans would surely love a rematch between the father and son in the coming future. Stay tuned for further updates on Rey Mysterio and the LWO.


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