Roman Reigns revealed embarrassing daughter with $340 million Mariah Carey hit

Roman Reigns is widely regarded as one of the top wrestlers on the current WWE main roster. Fans appreciate his in-ring persona as the leader of The Bloodline faction. His dominance as the longest-reigning Universal Champion is a testament to his skill and ability, which is not an easy feat for many other superstars to achieve.

However, The Tribal Chief once embarrassed his daughter by playing Mariah Carey’s hit song, despite his fans and family always being proud of him.

Roman Reigns revealed embarrassing daughter

In November 2021, WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show”. Jimmy Fallon and The Tribal Chief discussed many things during the show. At one point in the interview, Reigns broke his on-screen character to discuss how he embarrassed his daughter at school in front of her friends.

The Head of the Table revealed that his daughter thinks that Christmas music should not be played everywhere until after Thanksgiving. However, Roman Reigns liked to play Christmas songs after Halloween. He prefers to play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. He admitted he played this song loudly while dropping his daughter off at school, and because of that, his daughter got embarrassed.

“Well, she was explaining to me that right now, the whole Christmas music before Thanksgiving is a big thing. They are trying to cancel this whole situation with Mariah Carey, and that’s just craziness to me. Halloween is out of her Christmas music now. So, we are pulling up, and I’m dropping her off at school. And it’s like a little circle; you know that you have to drop them off at.” said Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief added, “And as soon as we pull up to this circle, I just crank “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” And, you know, I turn it down to tell her I love her and say goodbye, and then, as soon as she opens the door, I just crank it up again. Yeah, she melts. And then, literally, there were like five of her friends turning the corner and going to classes that all witnessed this whole situation. She closes the door as fast as she can, and there’s the second where she says, “Oh, no.” She has a project in the back seat. She has to re-open the door.”

Meeting Roman Reigns’ kids

Roman Reigns is the proud father of five wonderful children. Before his marriage to Galina Becker in 2014, their first daughter, Joelle Anoa’i, was born in 2008 and is currently 15 years old. The couple welcomed twins in 2016 and another set of twins in 2020. The Tribal Chief’s daughter, Joelle, frequently appears with her father in videos where they work out together. She has also accompanied her dad on the red carpet at several events.

Roman had a pair of twins after Joella, the first in 2016 and the second in 2020. Despite having a dominating in-ring persona, Roman Reigns is a very secluded person, and very little is known about his other kids as they never make appearances in any WWE events. Although there have been a few mentions of them during several interviews, there is no solid way to identify them.

Do you think Roman Reigns will reveal his kids’ identities as fans are very curious to know about them? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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