Ronda Rousey credits Triple H as ‘the whole reason’ for her WWE journey

Ronda Rousey made history in 2012 as the first female fighter to sign with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In 2018, she debuted at WrestleMania 34 and began her professional wrestling career with WWE. However, Rousey left the WWE in 2023.

Ronda recently credited Triple H for her WWE journey during an interview with Cageside Seats. The female wrestler acknowledged that ‘The Game’ was highly sensitive to equality and equal representation and explained that she would have never made it without his support.

Ronda Rousey attributes her WWE journey to Triple H

Ronda Rousey is undoubtedly one of the greatest female wrestlers in combat sports. Since 2018, the UFC star has made a big leap as an entertainer and redefined wrestling from a new perspective. Using special skills from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, she quickly climbed the WWE ladder. Rowdy Ronda won her first title, the Raw Women’s Championship, at SummerSlam 2018 by defeating Alexa Bliss.

During a recent interview with “Cageside Seats,” Ronda Rousey discussed her time in WWE and expressed frustration with the unequal treatment she received while signed with the company. She also credited Triple H for his support during her stay with the promotion.

“Triple H has been great towards the women in the company and really believing in us. He’s the whole reason I was there cause he believed in me. I really wish my last run was under Triple H running things and Vince being gone,” Ronda said.

“The Bloodline is able to plan things out a year ahead of time, and they won’t even talk to me until I get to the arena. About anything. I proved in my first match that if you give me the time, the resources and preparation, I can put together an amazing match. And I feel like they’re really doing that with Logan Paul and allowing him to rehearse and put these things together and have all these different resources, producers to bring him to his highest potential. And it got to the point where he girls [weren’t] gonna get any of that,” said Ronda Rousey.

Rousey also spoke about her book “Our Fight” and how it goes into more detail about her experience in WWE. She also mentioned that she has no plans to return to WWE and will explore other opportunities instead of working for a company like WWE.

Ronda Rousey claims Stephanie McMahon allegedly concussed her

Ronda Rousey was unbeaten in UFC for three years, establishing herself as a dominant fighter. However, in 2015 at the UFC 193 main event, she faced Holly Holm for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship and suffered a concussion during the fight. Rousey explained that Holm’s swift kick caused her concussion, leading to her losing the title.

In a recent interview with “Cagesite News,” a three-time WWE World Champion claimed that Stephanie McMahon gave her a concussion during the Elimination Chamber event in 2018. The altercation occurred when Stephanie slapped Ronda, causing her to experience a headache for the remainder of the event.

“It gave me a concussion [Being slapped by Stephanie McMahon at Elimination Chamber in 2018]. Nikki Bella gave me an open hand slap [in the days leading to their match at Evolution] and I was seeing stars and I had a headache for the rest of the day. I didn’t wanna say anything. I didn’t want them to say, ‘Oh, you can’t do this match that you’ve been preparing for. You can’t do this, can’t do that. And I had a lifetime of experience hiding concussions. And so now that I’ve basically putting all of that behind me, I can finally be open about these things,” said Rousey.

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