Ryan Garcia shooting his shot at UFC reporter Nina-Marie Daniele draws hilarious reactions from fans: “That’s Sean Strickland’s girl”

Ryan Garcia has been making headlines recently, particularly as he displayed signs of mental illness in social media posts. Fighters and fans were wary of Garcia as he was scheduled to fight the undefeated Devin Haney in April.

However, he has toned down his paranoia in recent social media posts, and his recent tweet expressing interest in popular MMA journalist Nina Marie Daniele garnered attention on the internet. Fight fans were quick to point out the close relationship between Daniele and Sean Strickland, the former UFC middleweight champion.

Ryan Garcia subtly flirts with Nina-Marie Daniele

Nina Marie Daniele was a Playboy model before transitioning to MMA media, where she is one of the most-viewed figures on social media. As such, she has always posted sultry pictures and videos, and her recent sultry video post on X garnered the attention of Ryan Garcia.

Daniele recently tweeted, “Did some laundry LOL,” with a video subtly exposing her nipples, prompting Garcia to repost the tweet with the caption, “Nina, I don’t know if you have a man, but you’re a baddie. My bad if you do 😭😭”. Garcia had recently posted similar tweets with pictures of Devin Haney’s ex-spouses, which also received a similar response from Haney.

Before Garcia, Tom Aspinall was involved in a controversy involving Daniele as the Briton asked an X-rated question to the MMA journalist. As the video of it went viral, Daniele provided the clarification that Aspinall’s question was more due to his dry British humor than NSFW connotations.

Daniele’s shot to fame was after her series of interviews with Sean Strickland where the middleweight made offensive remarks that went viral on social media. She is one the closest friends of Strickland and even accompanied him to Canada to fight Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297.

Fans brutally mock Ryan Garcia

Fight fans did not take long to mock Ryan Garcia after he attempted to woo Nina Marie Daniele on X, as per SportsRush. Particular criticism was directed at Garcia’s past relationship and also the relationship of Daniele with Sean Strickland.

“That’s Sean Strickland’s girl,” commented one fan, who subtly alleged that Strickland has a romantic or sexual relationship with Daniele. However, it needs to be noted that Strickland is in a strong relationship with KJ, his girlfriend. Strickland’s coach, Eric Nicksick considers KJ to be an integral part of Strickland’s turnaround from a top 10 fighter to an MMA champion.

“Bro wants more child support payments 😭” another fan subtly hinted at Garcia’s romantic escapades. Garcia has three children from two women and recently divorced Andrea Celina, the mother of his two kids. He announced the divorce hours after the birth of his third child, second with Celina.

Post his divorce, Garcia revealed that he is in a relationship with Mikaela Testa, an Australian influencer. Moreover, he even announced that he was willing to train Testa to make her debut for Misfits Boxing.

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