Ryan Garcia demands Devin Haney pay $100,000 to escape legal trouble after bloody altercation

Undefeated boxer Devin Haney and troubled boxer Ryan Garcia have a heated rivalry that’s been played out on social media for a while now. Ahead of their WBC super lightweight title bout, this seems to have intensified more.

However, their online feud appears to have taken a new turn, with reports of Haney involving himself in an altercation with someone close to Garcia. He did not let go of this chance and took a jab at his rival.

Devin Haney’s team attacks Ryan Garcia’s friend

Devon Lee, an undefeated super lightweight and friend of Ryan Garcia, was attacked by Devin Haney’s team after a training session. Lee posted the incident on his Instagram and it did not take much time for Garcia to share it on his X.

“Got jumped by @realdevinhaney team, his security snaked me, lol, all on camera, but they did not put me to bed. All glory to Jesus Christ”, Lee captioned an image via Instagram story which showed his face, especially his nose bloodied up.

The 29-year-old Lee also posted further stories on Instagram and showed the personnel of Haney’s security team that attacked him. Moreover, he had even vowed to take on Haney inside the ring before all was said and done.

Lee’s last fight was against Rondale Hubbert last month and he won comfortably by unanimous decision. It was his first fight since he knocked out Abel Sepulveda via knockout in September 2019.

Ryan Garcia issues stern warning to Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney have been very much at odds with each other ever since the fight announcement. Both traded barbs as their respective ex-spouses’ pictures were used by each other on social media. Now, the attack on Devon Lee has made Garcia respond to it on social media.

“Give him 100k for his troubles or I’m pressing charges and it’s full on war so be careful and how you respond and move thank you”, Garcia tweeted a stern warning to Haney as he offered a solution to the situation and even threatened to do the same if necessary.

Ryan Garcia to fight Devin Haney

Garcia has been acting strange recently but his recent posts on social media are not as crazy. He has been endorsing conspiracy theories and it even made his ex-wife ask fans for help on social media to help Garcia’s mental state.

Garcia also went off at Jake Paul recently and vowed to end his career. Moreover, he also went off at Logan Paul and KSI, especially after they signed Haney for Prime Hydration as per Marca, citing it as a work of Satan.

Do you think Team Devin Haney was in the wrong in the attack on Devon Lee? Leave your thoughts below!


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