Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk: Is WWE abandoning the WrestleMania 40 match?

The CCO of WWE, Triple H booked CM Punk and Seth Rollins to fight each other at WrestleMania 40, giving them the chance to unleash their anger and settle the scores.

This is the perfect opportunity for Rollins to prove to Punk that he is the better wrestler. Unfortunately, The Architect’s fitness doesn’t match his fury, and there is a possibility that he may be removed from the WrestleMania match against CM Punk.

Will Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk happen at WWE WrestleMania 40?

It has been evident to some that WWE has been making significant plans for CM Punk at WrestleMania 40. Since his return to the company at the Survivor Series 2023 in November, there has been a considerable increase in merchandise sales and interest in WWE. Punk has been in a feud with Seth Rollins, and both wrestlers have even mentioned each other on television and shared a segment on Raw.

The Second City Saint has announced his participation in this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble Match. If he wins, he will earn a championship match at WrestleMania, which is his lifelong dream. It is widely assumed that he will emerge victorious and finally get the chance to headline the event.

According to Dave Meltzer’s latest edition of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” it has been confirmed that WrestleMania is planning a match between CM Punk and Seth Rollins. Currently, Rollins does not have a scheduled match for the upcoming Royal Rumble event.

“As of an hour ago, Seth Rollins & CM Punk were still scheduled for WrestleMania. As far as that could that change? Yes. I was told yes, that could change, but it’s up in the air. But right now, he (Seth Rollins)’ is still on WrestleMania,” said Dave Meltzer.

Seth Rollins’ well-documented knee injury

On the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins is scheduled to make an announcement about his future as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, it appears that the news he has to share with his fans won’t be good. The Visionary is currently injured, and the severity of the injury is reportedly not good.

During the January 15th episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins sustained an injury while defending his World Heavyweight Championship title against Jinder Mahal. According to a report by Sean Ross Sapp on “Fightful Select,” Seth Rollins is currently out of action due to an MCL tear as well as a partial tear of his meniscus.

“Unfortunately, the word in WWE and sources near Rollins are that he sustained a torn MCL and a partially torn meniscus. However, it is not known as of yet if he’ll require surgery, though the hope is that he can avoid it. We also aren’t sure how WWE will play things on television or if the injury will be downplayed or embellished,” wrote Sean Ross Sapp.

Rollins has a known history of knee problems, but he has managed to work through them in the past. According to reports, people in WWE recognized Rollins’ determination during the match and in the immediate aftermath.

“Rollins told people backstage that he didn’t think he’d sustained an ACL tear. One WWE higher-up we spoke to said, ‘Considering he’s powerbombed a 300-pound man on a torn ACL, we think he understands what that might feel like.'” wrote Sean Ross Sapp.

Do you think CM Punk and Seth Rollins will have a faceoff in the upcoming WrestleMania 40? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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