Triple H reportedly in 99.9% control of WWE creative following TKO merger

Triple H played a pivotal role in managing WWE over the years, nurturing many young promising wrestlers and admiring the dedication of wrestlers. He was solely dedicated to the development of the pro wrestling industry during his reign as a member of the Board of Directors.

Unfortunately, he was cast out of the board after the recent WWE and UFC merger. However, despite getting out of the Board of Directors, Levesque is still in control over most of the creative decisions within WWE.

Triple H reportedly “knighted” by Endeavor

A recent report from PWInsider Mike Johnson revealed that The Game still has a significant influence and authority within the company despite the presence of Vince McMahon.

Although Vince is assigned to make all the major creative decisions in the company, Levesque is still controlling it to a huge extent. Due to Mr. McMahon’s absence, Triple H is taking the creative decisions in WWE to keep the promotion in momentum. It was also reported that Endeavor has full confidence in the managing skills of The Game.

In the future, he will oversee almost all creative aspects of WWE. However, Vince McMahon will still have the authority to provide some input and suggestions. Johnson also stated that the backstage employees are very relieved with Triple H seeing the creative side and they are also very optimistic to work for the improvement of the company.

Kevin Nash clarifies Triple H comments

Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash is greatly upset with numerous news stories that have been published from his recent comment on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s marriage.

Recently, the wrestling world on X/Twitter was filled with the rumor of the separation of Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon. Many reports suggested that the couple was going for a divorce. Reacting to this rumor the WWE legend Kevin Nash said that The Game and Stephanie are a still happily married couple.

In the most recent episode of “Kliq THIS” podcast Kevin talked about those news reports and said that many of these media outlets have inserted their thoughts on his comment. He even mentioned that it caused a huge fiasco on the internet.

“So I’m going through the different wrestling things and how we talked about… Paul’s divorce thing. But they put it in their jargon where it’s like… when I said it, I meant it as Paul is pied off that they would… ‘How dare they think I’m… my life’s falling apart, I’m at my girls’…’ Not like, ‘Oh f*, I’ve been dragged to this… my daughters’…’ Like, that’s how I took it when I read it back,” said Kevin Nash.

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