Triple H responds to legendary announcer’s praise for “WWE’s Michael Buffer” Samantha Irvin

WWE ring announcer Samantha Irvin has been receiving an overwhelming amount of appreciation from fans after her outstanding performance at WrestleMania XL. Viewers will never forget her second-night finale call, and she has received praise from fans and industry heavyweights like Michael Buffer. Her incredible skill was also recognized by WWE’s Chief Creative Officer, who praised her as an upcoming superstar.

Samantha Irvin’s passionate response during the closing bout of WrestleMania Night 2 rocketed her into the internet limelight after the exciting conclusion of the show. Samantha was overcome with emotion as she broke down in tears to introduce her buddy Cody Rhodes as the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion after he won the impossible match in the main event against Bloodline. 

Fans and even later, the great Michael Buffer gave the recorded touching moment high marks when it went viral. Samantha was compared to the greatest in the industry by Buffer, who praised her flawless timing, tempo, drama, and intensity. In agreement with Buffer, Triple H—WWE’s Chief Content Officer—declared Samantha as the company’s very own Michael Buffer.

Emphasizing Irvin’s great skill, Triple H reacted by noting, “If you didn’t already know that @SamanthaTheBomb is a star, here’s your proof. Samantha is @WWE’s @Michael_Buffer.”

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Though everyone was taken aback by Samantha’s sincere performance in the main event, she received even more attention when a former WWE referee recently offered a different opinion on her in-ring vocal abilities on social media.

Former WWE referee floats unpopular opinion about Samantha Irvin

With her WrestleMania performance under her mic, Samantha Irvin has been widely hailed by fans as one of the best ring announcers in WWE’s illustrious history. Many people praise her for being able to show real feelings during speeches. A number of reviewers also remarked on how well she was at calling the main event. However, differing opinions are inevitable, as seen in former WWE announcer Brian Hebner’s contrasting view on Samantha Irvin’s viral recognition.

He took to Twitter to share his opinion regarding Irvin’s voice: “The announcing is driving me insane!! I’m sure a nice and beautiful person. But her voice and trying to over due things is literally making me use my mute button more than I ever have. Like nails on a chalk board!”

What is your take on his remark about Samantha’s loud voice? Share your opinion in the comment section. 

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