Watch: Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley throw punches but not inside the WWE ring

In the WWE Women’s division, Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch are notable dominating figures. Their rivalry has been building since they both won at Elimination Chamber, but they’ve never come face-to-face until the last RAW event. However, their paths crossed again in an unexpected turn, but this time outside the ring.

WrestleMania foes often run into each other before the main event, but this marks a unique instance during an interview segment. During her appearance in a pre-WrestleMania discussion, Mami and her rival “The Man” increased the buzz around their impending match at WrestleMania.

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley in heated altercation during interview

The Man earned a match against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania XL in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match last month. The feud between them has heated up recently, with Ripley making critical comments about Lynch’s daughter on WWE RAW.

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At New York City’s The MMA Hour studio, their path to WrestleMania 40 took an unexpected interruption. Along with MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani, Ripley talked about her future fight with Lynch. In contrast to the mom version of Lynch, Mami expressed her wish to meet “The Man” version of Lynch at WrestleMania. She claimed, “I don’t want mom Becky Lynch. I don’t want the mother, I don’t want the wife, I don’t want the book writer Becky. I want The Man.”

Surprisingly, Lynch showed up on set moments after Ripley made her remarks, which led to an altercation on the interview set. Their sudden scuffle turned into a tense breakup, which made fans even more excited for their WrestleMania match.

Rhea Ripley also took aim at Becky Lynch’s criticism of her in-ring performance on the show, further fueling the already intense rivalry brewing between them. As the stakes for the Women’s World Title Championship intensify, fans can expect an explosive and captivating battle between these two competitors.

Rhea Ripley sheds light on Becky Lynch’s double standards

Rhea Ripley threw an infamous “Stinkface” move during her last week’s Road to WrestleMania battle as a playful tribute at fellow Bloodline member Rikishi. The audience went crazy when she embarrassed Nia Jax with the maneuver, which brought a hilarious new dimension to the conflict. 

Rhea Ripley
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Although many people enjoyed it, Becky Lynch claimed Ripley should have thought again since it may have sent a wrong message to the fans. Moreover, she offered a few remarks about Ripley’s outfit while performing. Questioning Lynch’s double standard behavior, Mami fired back by pointing out that Lynch had previously tried the same technique with Asuka.

Rhea Ripley also questioned Lynch’s performance, pointing out that everyone noticed her because of her appealing looks and dedication to fitness. She thought Becky was jealous because she never got as much attention as Mami did. The 27-year-old targeted Lynch’s misogynistic tone by stating, “I don’t know why I have to be the one that gets attacked—just like everyone else seems to be, she’s getting caught up on Mami’s butt too.”

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