Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface on Nia Jax Stirs Controversy Ahead of WrestleMania 40

Nia Jax faced Rhea Ripley at the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 in Perth, Australia for the Women’s World Championship where Ripley defeated ‘The Irresistible Force’ in her homecoming match, successfully retaining her title.

Quite recently, Rhea Ripley defended her title in a triple-threat match against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler at a WWE Live event on March 23 in Springfield, IL. During this, Ripley used a Stinkface maneuver on Nia Jax, stirring controversy over using the said move ahead of her WrestleMania 40 match in April against Becky Lynch.

Nia Jax Playfully Responds to Rhea Ripley’s “Stinkface”

Nia Jax’s recent match against Rhea Ripley has garnered significant attention from the fans, following which ‘The Irresistible Force’ gave a playful response to Rhea using the Hall of Famer Rikishi’s Stinkface maneuver.

Jax posted on Twitter, asking if something cool happened with the fans in recent times. The caption of the post read, “So anything cool happen to anyone this weekend? I went grocery shopping”.

Shayna Baszler was alongside Nia Jax & Rhea Ripley in a triple-threat match for the Women’s World Championship at a WWE Live event on March 23 in Springfield, IL. During the match, Shayna voluntarily placed herself in the corner to get a “Stinkface” from Ripley after she used the same move on Jax. Just as ‘Mami’ prepared to execute her move, Nia attacked her from the back canceling the move, much to the boos of the fans.

Since the clip of Rhea’s playful tribute to Bloodline member Rikishi, the video ended up becoming a hit among fans and since then has gone viral. Rhea Ripley is set to defend her title against ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch at WM 40 in April, and the said WWE star shared her own opinion since Ripley’s clip started circulating the internet.

Becky Lynch Reacts to Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface on Nia Jax

Becky Lynch has been in a feud with Rhea Ripley since February, both WWE superstars are trying to unearth every dirt they can find behind their opponent before their inevitable clash at the ‘Show of Shows’. ‘The Man’ recently reacted to Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface on Nia Jax.

During an interview with Wrestling News, Lynch questioned Rhea’s actions and their implications for young female fans.

“If I have my daughter, and she’s seeing that and she’s thinking that that’s what she needs to be if she’s a professional wrestler. When I think of the amount of women that were at one stage, fighting against that treatment… Maybe I’m just like stuffy and jaded because this is the stuff that I had to fight against,” said Becky Lynch.

‘The Man’ expressed concern that such a character gimmick could influence young fans to associate unethical actions with professional wrestling.

What are your thoughts on Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface on Nia Jax ahead of WrestleMania 40? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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