Watch: CM Punk’s spectacular entrance to the 12/26 WWE event at MSG after almost 10 years

Many WWE fans were surprised to see CM Punk return to the WWE Universe at Survivor Series WarGames 2023. Since his return, he has made appearances in all three WWE brands but has not yet participated in a fight.

However, Punk recently had his first match since his comeback to WWE at Madison Square Garden, although his televised wrestling return may not be until the Royal Rumble 2024. The event was already set to be memorable for many reasons, but fans made it very special for The Best in the World.

Watch: CM Punk’s spectacular WWE return entrance

Yesterday, CM Punk faced off against Dominik Mysterio at Madison Square Garden as part of WWE’s Holiday Tour. The event was particularly special, as fans began chanting his name as soon as he entered the arena.

Previously, The Second City Saint made a statement about Dominik Mysterio, saying that he had wanted to slap him since he was 8 years old. This statement is quite significant, as there should be some history between the two for a potential storyline. Presently, Dominik is portraying a heel character, who is hated by the audience, while CM Punk is playing a babyface character.

CM Punk was taken aback when he arrived at Madison Square Garden and witnessed the fans’ reactions to his entry. It was an emotional moment for him because he left WWE in 2014 with resentment towards the management. However, one thing that remained unchanged was the love he received from WWE fans.

CM Punk sends a 6-word message after winning vs Dominik Mysterio

The first opponent that CM Punk faced off after making his grand comeback to WWE Universe was Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio. This match completes The Second City Saint’s comeback. Additionally, he will again wrestle Dom on December 30 at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles, California.

Two weeks ago, CM Punk officially joined the roster of Monday Night Raw and is scheduled to participate in the upcoming Royal Rumble 2024. Before entering the 30-man match, Punk had his first WWE match in almost ten years at a live event held at Madison Square Garden. The crowd was enthusiastic throughout the entire contest, and Punk emerged victorious by pinning Dominik after hitting him with the GTS finishing move.

After winning his match, Punk addressed the fans present in the arena during a promo before heading backstage. Following the conclusion of the show, WWE uploaded a video clip of “The Second City Saint” entering the backstage area where he proclaimed that he is “The Best in the World” and that he is back. “King’s back, Best in the World,” said CM Punk.

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