Watch: Randy Orton left chasing shadows after Logan Paul pulled off GTA-style exit

Last night’s WWE SmackDown began with a bang When Logan Paul sprang out of nowhere from beneath the ring to interrupt Pretty Deadly and Randy Orton & Kevin Owens’ bout. Paul’s involvement sparked controversy, especially when he introduced illegal brass knuckles to the mix again.

Randy Orton’s anger was on full display when he and KO lost the tag team bout due to Paul’s unexpected assault with the brass knuckles. Fortunately, the Maverick managed to escape from the Viper’s rage with a GTA-style exit.

Video: Logan Paul escapes from Randy Orton in sports car

The main event of tonight’s WWE SmackDown began with a tag team match between Pretty Deadly and Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. However, their match was cut short by their formidable rival Logan Paul, who seized the opportunity again to cause more trouble in the ring.

Since the days leading up to their major match at WrestleMania, Paul had been actively working to undermine Orton and Owen’s every effort and tonight, his intervention paid off. The Viper looked very angry after seeing his team lose because Paul got in the way of their tag team match.

Logan Paul
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Orton turned around like a wild man, hitting The Maverick as he saw him running under the ring. Kevin Owens also got involved in the incident as it moved backstage. But Paul made a bold escape by stealing a car, Grand Theft Auto-style, which kept him out of further trouble with Orton for the time being.

This showdown sets the stage for a tense WrestleMania encounter, where Paul will face the consequences of his actions. Randy Orton needs to keep a close eye on his brass knuckles during WrestleMania, or he might end up like Kevin Owens did tonight — pinned and defeated.

Logan Paul attacks Kevin Owens on WWE SmackDown

For months, Logan Paul and Kevin Owens have been embroiled in a vicious feud for the US Championship. With Randy Orton now involved in the feud since Elimination Chamber, their rivalry took an explosive turn when Logan used brass knuckles to strike Owens last month. Now, with WrestleMania 40 just around the corner, Logan is in a Triple Threat match to defend his championship, pitted against Orton and Owens.

Logan Paul
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Owens has shown an incredible amount of determination throughout tonight’s SmackDown encounter, and he was able to dominate the ring from the very beginning. An electrifying back suplex from Orton energized the audience and set the scene for Owens’ devastating attack on Prince. 

When Orton seemed ready to eliminate their opponents, violence broke out suddenly under the ring. Logan Paul took advantage of the referee’s brief distraction to hit KO with brass knuckles, lining Prince up for the pinfall victory. 

Even though KO and The Viper are supposed to be in a Triple Threat match in WM 40, they both can’t wait to get even with Paul for all the trouble he caused.

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