Logan Paul flaunts war wounds after Kevin Owens’ brutal brass knuckle hit during WWE Royal Rumble

Logan Paul has managed to successfully defend his United States Championship title at the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 against Kevin Owens. Despite Owens being disqualified for using brass knuckles, which were introduced into the match by Paul with the help of Austin Theory, Paul managed to retain his title in his first defense.

It was a close call, but the YouTuber-turned-wrestler managed to survive and keep the title. This victory means that The Maverick is now set to compete at WrestleMania 40 as the reigning United States Champion.

Logan Paul defends the WWE United States Championship title

Logan Paul retained his WWE United States Championship title after a controversial win over Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble 2024 premium live event. During the United States Championship title match, security escorted one of Paul’s associates to the back after he appeared at ringside.

Soon after, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller made their way to the ring, with Theory passing a pair of brass knuckles to Paul. Owens used the knuckles during the match, but the referee spotted them on his hand at the last moment during a pin attempt, leading to his disqualification. After the match, Owens retaliated by putting Paul through the commentary table.

Paul won his first WWE United States Championship in November at the Crown Jewel 2023 premium live event. He cheated in Saudi Arabia by using brass knuckles to beat Rey Mysterio and take the belt. On the other hand, Owens has been having a feud with Theory and Waller on WWE SmackDown recently, which explains their interference in tonight’s title match.

Logan Paul shows off his war wound

Logan Paul managed to retain his championship title despite suffering from serious injuries during his fight at the WWE Royal Rumble. The current United States Champion engaged in a fierce brawl with his opponent, Kevin Owens, with both wrestlers exchanging blows in a brutal match. Despite the intense competition, Logan Paul held onto his championship belt and emerged victorious in the end.

Paul’s dedication to the professional wrestling industry has impressed even those who doubted him. On Saturday night, he truly showcased his commitment to the sport, enduring a bloody nose and a raw chest from KO’s chops during his title defense.

Despite the physical punishment, The Maverick emerged victorious, retaining his championship. Despite being beaten by Kevin Owens, Paul seems content with his title and posted a photo of himself on Twitter holding the United States Championship title while wounded. He wrote, “AND STILL #USChamp @WWE.”

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