When will Seth Rollins return to WWE following gruesome MCL injury?

Seth Rollins has been the face of Monday Night RAW since winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H crowned him as the inaugural World Champion after defeating AJ Styles in the tournament in May 2023. Rollins defended his title against AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre.

Rollins was expected to main event the night 1 of WrestleMania 40 , but his reign and his WrestleMania dream may be in serious danger after he suffered a knee injury on the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

How did Seth Rollins get injured?

Seth Rollins defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the modern day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal, who recently gained popularity after he involved in a Twitter controversy with Tony Khan.

Rollins put his title on the line against Jinder Mahal in the main event of Raw, finishing the match and securing the victory. However, he appeared to injure his left leg towards the end of the match. The bout was chaotic, featuring interference from The Indus Sher, Drew McIntyre, and Damien Priest, who attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

After the RAW went off air, Rollins was helped by the WWE officials to make his way to the backstage. The results revealed that Rollins had a torn meniscus, a common injury among athletes. Frequently many wrestlers in WWE has been affected by the same injury such as Charlotte Flair and Cora Jade. Rollins’ knee injury is a huge blow for WWE and for the fans who have been enjoying his reign as the World Heavyweight Champion.

When will Seth Rollins return from injury?

Seth Rollins has surpassed 200 days as the World Heavyweight Champion, making him one of the longest-reigning champions in WWE history. Rollins has been a consistent presence on every RAW episode since the start of his championship reign. However, his recent injury has raised concerns among fans about his potential absence from the Royal Rumble event.

This isn’t the first time Rollins has faced a knee injury; in 2015, he tore his ACL, MCL, and meniscus, leading to the relinquishment of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and a six-month absence. Additionally, in January 2017, Rollins injured his right knee during a scripted attack by Samoa Joe on RAW. Initially feared to miss WrestleMania 33, he recovered in time to face Triple H in a non-sanctioned match.

Rollins has not addressed his injury publicly yet, but he is expected to do so on the next episode of RAW. There is no word if Rollins will vacate the title, but the fans are really disappointed and their dream to watch him facing his long time rival CM Punk at WrestleMania 40 is still questionable.


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