Who is Dana Massie sparking rumors about the Young Bucks exit through her departure?

There have been several high-profile exits from Tony Khan’s organization this year. AEW is struggling with Kenny Omega’s absence and the departure of a major live event organizer and the chief marketing & merchandising officer following Worlds End.

Dana Massie’s departure is interesting since she is married to one of the company’s executive vice presidents, which adds to the intrigue, making AEW feel unsure as the new year begins.

Who is Dana Massie?

Dana Massie, AEW’s chief marketing and merchandise officer, is leaving the organization. Interestingly, she is married to Young Bucks tag team member Matt Jackson. This year, both Matt and Nick, who is Matt’s brother, got multi-year contracts.

Dana Massie
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Massie and her husband, Matt Jackson—who is not only an Executive Vice President of the organization but also half of the Young Bucks—have been involved with AEW from its inception. Not only are CEOs, but Matt and Nick Jackson are also past tag team champions and co-initiators of the World Trios Championships with Kenny Omega.

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, an unannounced cause is pending Dana Massie’s resignation from AEW. Her departure furthers the current shifts within the promotion. We don’t yet know the specifics of her leaving.

Young Bucks contract situation with AEW

The news that all four members of The Elite had signed multi-year contracts with AEW was officially announced in August, after the conclusion of Dynamite 200. This was verified by Tony Khan on a media call, during which he also said that the terms of the contracts varied, but asserted that they were all multi-year agreements.

The resignation of Dana Massie from AEW was announced today, which has sparked rumors and conjecture regarding potential changes within the organization. Fans are reassured that the Young Bucks will continue to be present in the NBA since they just inked long-term contracts. The Young Bucks continue to serve as Executive Vice Presidents.

The Vice President of Live Events and Touring for AEW, Rafael Morffi, will also be departing the company following World End on December 30. While everything is going on, it is not apparent what the next step will be for Dana Massie, and Morffi is being considered for a senior management position at the Barclays Centre.

The Young Bucks have a multi-year commitment with AEW, which will keep them dedicated to the organization despite the changes. Besides, Adam Page and Kenny Omega will also be staying with AEW. There is a sense of anticipation over the path that they will pursue in the future as a result of their extended absence.

Is Tony Khan going to take a hit because of these changes, or do you believe these will help AEW promote? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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