Why did WWE remove Matt Riddle from all appearances? Latest update on Matt’s se**ual assault allegations

Last Sunday, WWE superstar Matt Riddle made a shocking claim of getting sexually assaulted by a police officer stationed at JFK International Airport while he had just returned from India after a live event.

However, things have been not looking good for him since he deleted the post from Instagram that contained his assault claim. The legal authority has decided to do a detailed investigation of the incident and WWE has temporarily removed Matt from the upcoming scheduled shows.

Why did WWE remove Matt Riddle from all appearances?

Following an incident that happened at JFK airport last Sunday, WWE has decided to remove Matt Riddle from scheduled appearances, citing ‘medical illness’ as the reason for an ongoing absence.

According to EWrestlingNews report, “WWE has decided to remove Matt Riddle from his scheduled appearances following allegations of sexual harassment made against a police officer at JFK airport in New York City on Sunday. The Port Authority is conducting an internal investigation into the matter. WWE has not issued a public statement as of this writing. Riddle will not be appearing at tonight’s RAW or this weekend’s live events in Idaho and Washington, where he had previously been scheduled to perform.”

Matt Riddle’s se**ual assault allegations trigger an internal investigation

An investigation is currently underway regarding allegations made by Matt Riddle. The WWE Superstar had posted a lengthy message, which has since been deleted, detailing an incident he experienced at JFK airport. Riddle was returning to the United States after appearing on WWE’s Superstar Spectacle show in Hyderabad, India.

Riddle initially claimed a New York City airport cop sexually assaulted him during a confrontation and, and although he seems to have taken it back, an investigation is now underway.

TMZ was informed that the police spoke with Matt as well as other witnesses, and at that moment, the superstar appeared apologetic. No police report was filed, and everyone was allowed to leave without any incident.

TMZ also reported that the Port Authority expressed surprise at Riddle’s claim. From their perspective, nothing appeared amiss as there was no official report. Nevertheless, TMZ was informed that the department is treating his claim seriously, and an internal committee has been established to conduct an investigation.

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