William Regal clarifies his stance on the real-life beef with Goldberg

WWE legend Bill Goldberg had an illustrious career in the company, starting as a dominant force in his WCW Nitro days. Fans were accustomed to his short matches, where he would come in and overpower his opponents with his powerful moves. However, there was one instance in WCW where one of his matches extended longer than usual, resulting in the firing of his opponent

Goldberg remains one of the biggest and most recognizable wrestlers in WWE history. Despite making sporadic appearances toward the end of his career in the Stamford-based promotion, The Myth has remained an iconic figure in the wrestling industry.

William Regal explained his infamous match vs Goldberg

In a recent video with Inside The Ropes, wrestling legend William Regal talked about his infamous match with Bill Goldberg. The clash between the two superstars took place on the February 9 episode of WCW Nitro. In contrary to initial plans, the match went on for longer that it should have.

During that phase of his career, Goldberg was being built up as an unstoppable force, steamrolling and annihilating everyone in his path. However, this narrative hit a roadblock in his match against William Regal.

Regal adopted a stiff and aggressive style, landing numerous hard shots on his opponent and pushing The Myth to his limits. Bill eventually closed the match after executing a spear and a jackhammer, marking the end of the bout after six minutes. It was the longest match of his career at that time.

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However, due to his performance in the match, Regal was fired shortly afterward. Eric Bischoff later spoke on the matter and elaborated on the importance of maintaining Goldberg’s aura of invincibility.

Regal also offered his perspective on the infamous match with The Myth claiming that he gave Goldberg plenty of opportunities during the bout, but none of them were capitalized on by the WWE legend. Their match still stands as one of the most infamous in wrestling history.

Goldberg’s retirement plan

Bill Goldberg had an iconic career in WWE and was released from the company this year. His last match was with Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2022. Despite not being with a particular promotion, the iconic figure is not ready to hang up his boots and wants a proper final match.

The Myth has openly discussed how he never received a proper farewell match in WWE, despite a handshake agreement with Vince McMahon. Consequently, this Hall of Famer has decided to take matters into his own hands, planning a significant event in Israel as his grand finale. Recent reports suggest that several wrestling legends, including Sting, John Morrison, and John Masters, are expected to attend the 52-year-old superstar’s last match.

While details about his opponent and other specifics remain undisclosed, the WWE universe eagerly awaits news about Goldberg’s final match. We hope to see this Hall of Famer retire on his own terms, and we’ll keep you updated with any developments in the world of WWE.


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