WWE backstage employees feel Stephanie McMahon’s absence after firing spree leaves morale “decimated”

The unexpected layoff by WWE has come out of the blue for their employees. Following inner turmoil that eventually saw Stephanie McMahon relinquish her position back to her father, many of their employees believe that the tragic layoff scenario in WWE would have not happened if Stephanie McMahon had been in the company.

The WWE and UFC merger last week resulted in the creation of TKO Group Holdings. With the merger, a lot of changes are set to happen, and a few are already taking place. The first change that has happened is the layoff of more than 100 employees from WWE. The series of layoffs has left the current employees feeling off spirit as they complained losing working morale in absence of fellow co-workers.

WWE Backstage morale “decimated”: report

PWInsider Mike Johnson has recently reported that the morale of WWE employees has decimated with the layoff of several employees on 15 September 2023. This action was taken by the authority to reduce the cost by at least 50 million dollars.

The report claimed “decimated” was an understatement, as the employees were asked to work from home since last Friday. After their return to work from office, they felt a sense of emptiness as many of their colleagues were fired and they were feeling their absence. They even referred to the day as a “sad morning”.

Now, the remaining employees will face a lot of work pressure in the upcoming days. However, some current and former employees of the promotion have stated that these job layoffs “wouldn’t have happened” if Stephanie McMahon had still been in WWE.

Stephanie McMahon left the company earlier this year

Last year Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE in face of sexual harassment allegations. This resulted in his daughter Stephanie McMahon taking his position who was declared the CEO of the company.

Due to Vince’s absence, Stephanie’s position in WWE was a welcome one. Fans mostly saw the change in a good way as she was very considerate to the stars of the roster.

However, this change didn’t last long enough. Earlier in January, Vince McMahon was able to settle the lawsuit and there were several rumors of his return to the Stamford-based promotion. He soon reinstated himself as Executive Chairman as Stephanie relinquished the position to her father.

Stephanie McMahon shared that she had decided to leave the company since it was “in such a strong position” with her husband Triple H, her father Vince McMahon, and Nick Khan in charge. She also mentioned that she will always be there for the company despite her resignation.

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