Wrestling icon The Undertaker advocates for classic WWE championship belts over custom designs

The Undertaker is one of the most respected and legendary wrestlers in WWE history. The Hall Of Famer had a dominant WWE career, winning the WWE Championship four times and the World Heavyweight Championship three times in his career.

WWE legend The Undertaker opened up in a recent interview, revealing a surprising stance on championship belts. Standing against the trend of extravagant, customized titles, The Deadman confessed his enduring love for the timeless simplicity of the classic WWE Championship for a special reason.

Undertaker calls for traditional WWE championship belts

On the Six Feet Under podcast, The Deadman shared his opinions on the custom WWE championship belts. He said, “No. I’m a traditionalist. I’m old school. Whatever the world title is, that’s what I wanted to represent. As cool as [the custom belt] is, it’s one of the nicest looking belts I’ve seen, I would have wanted one of the traditional belts, unless it was the spinner belt, which was awful.

The Deadman also added, “If I had my choice, the spinner belt or [custom belt], I would have gone with the [custom belt]. I always like the traditional championships. Back then, it was more about being the champion than marketing. I’m not opposed to making money. I just think there are certain traditions and things that should be untouched. The championship should be the championship.”

The Undertaker said that he preferred the traditional belt designs over the custom ones. He also made a comment on the iconic spinner belt that was introduced by John Cena, which he called “awful.”. He said that he wanted to have a belt that represented the history and prestige of the company.

Who are the six current WWE superstars who held big gold belt?

The Big Gold Belt was a prestigious championship title that was used in WWE from 1985 to 2013. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were some of the WWE superstars who held the Big Gold belt in WWE in the early 2000’s.

Randy Orton is the last WWE superstar to hold the Big Gold Belt. Viper has won it four times. His first reign was in 2004, when he became the youngest world champion in WWE history at 24 years old. The Celtic Warrior Sheamus has also won the Big Gold Belt from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXVIII in 2013.

Randy Orton with Championships
via WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio is a two-time Big Gold Belt holder. His first reign was at WrestleMania 22, when he defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a triple threat match. His second reign was at a Fatal 4-Way match, where he beat Jack Swagger, CM Punk, and Big Show.

Dolph Ziggler, the former WWE superstar, is a two-time Big Gold Belt holder, and he won it in 2011 and 2013. He was released by the WWE in 2023 due to a budget cut by the WWE. The Rated-R Superstar Edge joins the list with a seven-time champion reign and held the belt for a record-breaking 415 days. He is currently signed with AEW under the name Adam Copeland.

Dolph Ziggler with Championship
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At last, the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar also held the Big Gold title after his return to WWE in 2012. Lesnar got his hands on the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships after defeating John Cena in the Summerslam 2014. The big gold was finally retired after 28 years of existence when Randy Orton unified it with the WWE Championship at TLC 2013. This is considered one of the most famous belts in the WWE and still remains the best design for a WWE championship.


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