Days after Adam Copeland’s AEW debut, Kevin Nash names his price to AEW

Over the last couple of years, a lot of WWE and former WWE superstars signed with AEW, with Hall of Famer Edge being the latest addition to Tony Khan’s company. Wrestling fans have been wondering who will be the next to switch over to AEW, but according to latest reports, it looks like Kevin Nash won’t be a part of that list.

Kevin Nash was a prominent superstar in the wrestling world during the WWF vs WCW days. Formerly known as Diesel, Nash was a dominating superstar of his era, with a win over Goldberg and other WWE Legends to his name.

Kevin Nash reveals his demands for AEW jump

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has had a great career in the Stamford-based promotion. Instead of a long, continuous career, Nash had multiple runs with WWE, which saw him go face to face with some of the best superstars of his era.

Speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Nash stated that he wouldn’t be part of the list of WWE Hall of Famers who crossed over to AEW. In fact, he would consider switching over to Tony Khan’s promotion if he were offered $6 million and a private jet. He went on to reveal that he has just signed a deal with WWE, and doesn’t plan on leaving the company anytime soon.

“Unless it’s five or six million and a private jet. The only thing that would have got me to AEW, WWE just signed”, said Kevin Nash on the podcast.

Over the years, Nash has had a good working relationship with WWE. He is a two-time Hall of Famer, which is an accomplishment that only a handful can boast of. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Edge joined AEW after his contract with WWE ended last month. Despite speculations, the Rated-R Superstar claimed to not know what to do next in his career. He shocked everyone when he showed up at the end of AEW WrestleDream, and faced his former partner and friend Christian Cage, who is also a former WWE superstar.

Nash addressed Triple H, Stephanie McMahon divorce rumors

In the past couple of days, there have been rumors that WWE’s power-couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were about to file for a divorce. Although they have been debunked by The Game himself, it looks like his good friend Kevin Nash was one of the first people who received that confirmation.

Kevin Nash and Triple H

Few days ago, Kevin Nash revealed that he noticed his phone was blowing up, and the first thought that came to his mind was that someone died. He checked his phone and found out that there was a wild rumor going on about a rift in Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s almost 20-year-long marriage.

Nash instantly texted Hunter, who he revealed was just as surprised when he heard the rumor. Triple H even jokingly said, “F–k it, I wish somebody had told me that before I [got] dragged to this JV football game where my girls are cheerleading.” Thankfully, all is well in The Game’s relationship with his wife, with Nash even commenting that there’s always got to be some trolls on the Internet who ‘have to mess with a man on his off-day’.

WWE fans can rest assured that Kevin Nash won’t be going anywhere from the Stamford-based promotion in the upcoming future. Although he hasn’t been a constant presence on WWE Programming, he is a vital figure that reminds fans of the good old days of WWE.


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