WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry links US champ Logan Paul to the late Owen Hart ahead of Royal Rumble showdown

The late pro wrestling legend Owen Hart is widely considered one of the most talented wrestlers of his era, known for his unique in-ring style. According to WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, there is a current WWE wrestler who bears some resemblance to Hart’s wrestling style.

The star in question is none other than Logan Paul, who is currently active in WWE and will be defending his title for the first time at the upcoming Royal Rumble 2024 event. Logan’s opponent is Kevin Owens, a former three-time United States champion.

Mark Henry compares Logan Paul to the late Owen Hart

In 2023, Logan Paul won his first title in WWE, the United States Championship title, after defeating WWE legend Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel. WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry praised Paul after that match for his quick adaptation to the business, both in the ring and on the mic, and for earning the trust of the WWE’s top management.

During a recent interview with “Premier Live TV,” Henry mentioned that the current WWE United States Champion exhibits daredevilry inside the ring that is reminiscent of the late WWE legend Owen Hart. The World’s Strongest Man even said that Paul is just like a clone of Owen.

“He looked like an Owen clone; Owen would steal the show every time. He used to have that mentality. I talked about work ethic; you would have been hard-pressed to try to find somebody to outwork Owen,” said Mark Henry.

Mark Henry shares why he left WWE in 2021

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry spent almost 25 years of his professional wrestling career as a part of the WWE Universe. However, he left the Stamford-based promotion in 2021. Henry stated that he didn’t intend to leave WWE but felt as though he had no choice due to the lack of opportunities for his career.

In a recent interview on the “Insight” podcast, Henry discussed how his desire to work behind the scenes led to him leaving the WWE. He explained that, despite his interest in taking on a more significant role within the company, WWE did not believe he had enough experience to do so. Henry also felt that he could have made a positive impact by guiding the company in the right direction.

“But from a business standpoint, I wanted a position in the office because I didn’t want to wrestle anymore, and they wouldn’t hire me,” said Henry. “I didn’t have experience on the corporate side, the business side, or the executive side, or however you want to phrase it… I was not given that opportunity,” Mark added.

After quitting WWE, Mark Henry joined AEW in the roles of commentator and coach. He has said that he has a great eye for talent and a history of finding exceptional wrestlers among those with no previous wrestling experience. It’s worth noting that some of these wrestlers had not been involved in wrestling before being discovered by Henry.

“What people didn’t know is that God gave me vision, and I can see where a wrestler can make it or not, and there are people not even in the wrestling business, and I see them, and I go, ‘Wow, they would be a great wrestler,'” Henry further added.

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