WWE star Mustafa Ali issues stern warning to dum-dum Dominik Mysterio ahead of NXT No Mercy title match

Dominik Mysterio has been taking the WWE by storm ever since joining the Judgement Day faction. The superstar has gained a huge push in his career within just one year. He is the current NXT North American champion and has been in possession of the title for several months now.

However, his title reign seems to be at risk as he has got a new challenger, and it is none other than Mustafa Ali. Both superstars are going to face each other in the upcoming NXT No Mercy event.

Mustafa Ali warns Dominik Mysterio

Last week in WWE NXT, Mustafa Ali fought against Dragon Lee to become the number one contender for NXT North American Championship, which is currently held by Judgement Day’s Dominik Mysterio. Surprisingly Dominik was the guest referee of the match. However, The fight had a controversial climax, as Dominik made a fast pin count so as to give Ali a shot at his championship at No Mercy, the upcoming event in NXT.

The match between Ali and Junior Mysterio was made official this week, as Mustafa Ali took to X, formerly Twitter, and sent a warning to Dominik Mysterio.

“No Mercy for dum-dum”, he wrote.

Mustafa Ali was earlier involved in a backstage interview during the show. He said that he didn’t appreciate his win as it was unfairly judged. Mustafa has promised that he’ll be the one to win the title at the NXT No Mercy Event which will be held in California on 30th September.

Dominik Mysterio’s title defense record

2023 has been a remarkable year for Dominik Mysterio as he became a heel in WWE where he can’t even hold a mic without fans booing him in the arena. Now he has a singles championship title for the first time in his career.

The new North American champion Dominik Mysterio main-evented WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, and NXT all in the same week of his title win. His history-making week began on Monday Night Raw where he lost to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn alongside Damian Priest as the Judgment Day failed to become Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

Mysterio made up for that loss the following night in NXT by becoming the North American Champion. Three nights later on Friday’s episode of SmackDown, Mysterio defended his newly-won title in the closing match of the show against Butch and secured a win. No other WWE superstar has ever achieved this feat within just one week as he performed across all brands of WWE.

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