WWE star takes sly dig at Judgment Day member Damian Priest ahead of heated clash on Raw

Damian Priest is all set to face Drew McIntyre in the upcoming edition of RAW. Last week Damian Priest attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract during Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal’s match but was unsuccessful after the master of ‘Claymore’ disrupted his opportunity.

Priest recently took to social media, openly challenging McIntyre and telling him to prepare for the beating in their upcoming match. Drew later added his remark about the ‘Star of Judgment Day’, hinting that he is fully prepared for the upcoming bout.

Drew McIntyre slams Damian Priest

On the January 22 episode of Monday Night RAW, some exciting match cards are set for the final event before the Royal Rumble 2024. Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest were once partners, now they have started a feud. They will face each other during the upcoming episode of the Red brand.

The Judgment Day member Damian Priest, recently shared a post on Twitter, where he said that the fight with McIntyre is overdue and he will never hold back his punches. The caption read, “MONDAY can’t come soon enough. This beating is overdue so don’t expect me to take it easy.”

After Priest released his post, Drew replied three hours later, stating that it is “Rent. Free.” Although the meaning behind the words is vague, it can still be identified that “The Scottish Warrior” will never give Damian the space he needs for the gold. McIntyre has made it clear that he is not satisfied with his two-times World Champion record and he wants to earn the gold again, no matter the cost.

Drew McIntyre and Judgment Day’s feud explained

The Judgment Day is one of the most commanding factions in recent times, comparable to the Bloodline faction in the blue brand. Drew McIntyre has no animosity with the Judgment Day, as he even teamed up with the faction during the WarGames at Survivor Series. Fans even showed their support for Drew to join the faction, as he could take the team to new heights.

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However, Damian Priest and McIntyre have disliked each other from the beginning. Priest is threatened by Drew’s charisma and leadership skills, whereas The Scottish Warrior hates the MITB winner for coveting his World Title that he vowed to possess once again after he wins the Royal Rumble 2024.

Drew McIntyre has slowly transitioned his persona into a heel character, and not so long ago in an interview with ReviewSTL, he expressed his joy for being able to portray as the villain he wanted to be.

“For me, personally, this is the most compelling character-wise I’ve felt in a very long time because of the different approach we’re taking telling stories, which is to make it as real as possible because if it’s real to the superstar, they’re feeling it and the audience will be with them.”

Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre are ready to face this week at Smoothie King Center New Orleans for the January 22 edition of RAW. What do you think of Damian Priest’s upcoming match? Let us know in the comments section below!

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