WWE superstar Rhea Ripley’s anticipated role unveiled for WWE Elimination Chamber

Rhea Ripley stands out as one of the premier female wrestlers on the current WWE roster. As the reigning WWE Women’s World Champion, she plays a prominent role within the Judgment Day faction, consistently thrilling fans with her presence in the ring.

There are strong rumors suggesting that she will be part of the upcoming Elimination Chamber event, set to take place next year, which is expected to generate excitement among Australian fans. Notably, Ripley, known as The Eradicator, has expressed her enthusiasm for performing in Australia, her home country.

WWE source reveals Rhea Ripley’s involvement in Elimination Chamber

The WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event is set for February 24, 2024, at Perth’s Optus Stadium in Australia. The show is making headlines due to its hype among fans in Australia. However, the excitement doubled with the announcement of Australian-origin star Rhea Ripley’s participation.

In a recent interview with “7NEWS Adelaide,” The Eradicator mentioned that there are expectations for her to be in the spotlight at the upcoming Elimination Chamber, which will take place in her home country. It’s important to note that this information shouldn’t be considered an official confirmation, as the event is still quite a distance away.

Ripley also expressed her excitement to fight in front of her country’s audience and her family saying, “I’m so excited, I’m so, so excited, and to be able to go over there with WWE and to be announced from Adelaide, South Australia, I can’t wait to hear the reaction and just feel the electricity coming from the crowd,”

The Eradicator also explained that she would have to be fully prepared to give her best in that event. She said, “I don’t know how many I’ll be allowed to have, but I’d like to have at least 100. Just put it out there, WWE, please. My family’s very big.”

Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler’s match disrupted by a brawl

On last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler fought against each other in a non-title match. The match was going well until Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez, and Zoey Stark interrupted their fight with a brawl. Rhea took the first initiative by attacking, but Baszler dropped The Eradicator.

Following this, The Queen of Spades stomped on Ripley’s arms. After a few moments, the women’s champion managed to gain control of the match by delivering a missile dropkick. Then, Ripley deadlifted Shayna and powerbombed her to break free.

Unexpectedly, Nia Jax came down to the arena, as both ladies were laid out due to the powerbomb. She intended to take revenge on Mami for the humiliation she faced earlier. However, Jax was interrupted by Raquel and Stark. This created a brawl, and Stark ended up attacking Ripley. Therefore, the match was canceled by the referee.

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