Lando Norris celebrates McLaren’s progress with fourth consecutive podium at United States GP despite “one more lap” sorrow

Lando Norris has made remarkable progress in the past few years, polishing his skills and constantly learning from his previous mistakes while on the quest for the championship. The British-Belgian driver has gained a lot of fandom recently with his unending charisma and expertise in driving.

Norris was on the edge of securing a victory at the US GP on Sunday; however, he was soon overtaken by the Hulk of the Industry, Max Verstappen.

Norris cheers McLaren’s advancement in Austin

Lando Norris declared that McLaren has been making a lot of progress in Austin, with Norris getting ahead of pole-sitter Charles Leclerc. Norris was able to hold his third position in a row, grabbing his fourth consecutive pole position; however, he was later promoted to the second position due to Hamilton’s disqualification. After the Japanese GP, Norris also expressed that McLaren could be Red Bull’s biggest competitor shortly. Max Verstappen agrees that Norris is one of the best drivers on the F1 grid so far.

Norris exclaimed that he was an inch closer to grabbing the pole position but was instantly overtaken by Max Verstappen, unfortunately missing the golden opportunity to clinch his third title. However, he has no regrets about McLaren’s overall performance. He said, “[I was] leading the race, I could control it a lot, but just not enough today.”

“But I’m happy, it was a good race from my side. We knew our struggles; we knew what was going to be difficult today and it was just the degradation.”

“But the pace over the first 10 laps of every stint, the pace in the beginning was strong. I just couldn’t hold on long enough. We are getting there, progress, progress every weekend, just some more steps needed.”

Lando Norris wishes for one more lap for a better result

At the start of the race, Norris fell behind the famous Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz, due to his advantage of running soft tires; however, he was soon surpassed by the British-Belgian driver, snatching his original fourth position.

The driver then proceeded to overtake Leclerc; however, the race ended with Norris finishing a 19-lap encounter behind Charles Leclerc. He stated that if one more lap was available on the circuit, he could have easily surpassed the Monagasque driver.

He said, “It was a good afternoon, the pace was very strong, it was just a struggle to get past the Ferrari of Carlos.”

“But the pace was way better than them, I caught Charles quite a bit, like five seconds or something in probably four laps or five laps, so good signs for tomorrow.”

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