WWE target Kamille tips her free agency balance in favor of AEW with one move

Kamille, the former NWA World Women’s Champion, is one of the most talented free agents in the wrestling industry in the current era. Her contract with NWA came to an end after losing her title in December 2023. She held the championship for more than 800 days before losing to Kenzie Paige at the NWA 75th Anniversary.

After her departure from NWA in January 2024, she was rumored to make her WWE debut for WWE in the NXT roster. Now as per the reports from internal wrestling sources, AEW is looking forward to sign her as a full time wrestler.

Kamille appearing in AEW backstage sparks speculations

According to reports from Fightful Select, Kamille was seen backstage at AEW Dynamite on January 17, 2024. Kamille was spotted backstage along with AEW Superstars Serena Deeb and Leyla Hirsch, who were part of NWA. It was also reported that Kamille was just visiting friends at the show and had not signed a deal with anyone yet.

Kamille’s backstage visit to AEW sparked speculation that she might be leaning towards AEW. As previously the odds of her signing with WWE was higher after the WWE and UFC merger, forming the TKO. WWE was interested in Kamille as she is also a mixed martial arts fighter, that would benefit the TKO group to use her in both the promotions.

The General Manager of Smackdown, Nick Aldis, was also considered one of the main reasons Kamille would join WWE. In NWA, she was a member of Strictly Business, a faction led by Nick Aldis.

Fans predicted that Aldis would bring her to WWE to team up with him, as he recently opened up about his in ring debut in WWE. But after her appearance in AEW, the possibility of Kamille signing with WWE has become diminished

WWE previously shown genuine interest on Kamille

Kamille has been in the WWE radar for more than 10 years. During an interview, she confirmed that she had a WWE tryout back in 2016.

She said, “The tryout that I had was in 2016, and then I had another one later. The first time tryout I ever had, I had zero wrestling experience. And I got that tryout by walking up to the doors and saying that I wanted to be a wrestler. So, obviously, I had something that they were interested in because I got to try out by walking up to the doors. It was the biggest female tryout they ever had.”

via WWE

After undergoing another tryout with WWE, Kamille revealed that Canyon Ceman, the former Senior Director of Talent Development, informed her that they appreciated her appearance and promo skills. However, despite WWE expressing interest in her over the years, they did not finalize a contract.

With all the past stories, there is still no official announcement about her contract details, and both AEW and WWE are waiting to secure the services of the most dominant women’s champion in their respective promotions.


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