SmackDown GM Nick Aldis reveals one condition to potentially wrestling in WWE

Nick Aldis, the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, signed with WWE on October 13, 2023, as the new General Manager of Smackdown. The Chief Content Creator of WWE Triple H made this announcement after the merger of WWE and UFC, forming the TKO group.

Before joining as General Manager in WWE, Aldis was signed to Impact Wrestling (TNA) in 2008 as a wrestler and in a recent interview, he showed his interest in making his in-ring debut in WWE.

Nick Aldis opens up about potentially wrestling in WWE

Nick Aldis has already made a huge impact on the Smackdown roster as the General Manager. Fans started to love the work of Aldis and his match booking. The announcement of fatal four way match at Royal Rumble for the WWE Undisputed Championship from Aldis made the WWE fans excited.

In an interview on Mail Online today, Aldis opened up about his interest in joining the WWE as a competitor. He said, “Anything is possible in the WWE. I deeply appreciate all of the fans, who keep me alive in that regard, who want to see me in the ring with this person or that person. Since my interaction with Roman, that started a whole different conversation in that regard.”

Aldis also expressed interest in competing in matches but is currently committed to becoming the best general manager of all time. He confirmed that if WWE had plans to introduce him as a performer, he would gladly accept the decision.

WWE has a long history of general managers participating in matches. Eric Bischoff, for instance, had several matches against rivals like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shane McMahon, and John Cena while serving as the general manager of Raw from 2002 to 2005.

Nick Aldis’ wrestling career

Nick Aldis is a four-time world champion, and one of the most successful British wrestlers of all time. Aldis started his wrestling career in 2003 and wrestled for several British promotions until 2008, when he signed with TNA.

Aldis debuted under the name Brutus Magnus, and later shortened it to Magnus. He was part of several factions, such as The British Invasion, Immortal, and The Main Event Mafia. He won the TNA World Tag Team Championship with the current AEW World Champion Samoa Joe, who defeated MJF to win the title at AEW World’s End.

Nick Aldis
via Impact Wrestling

He had notable feuds with Sting, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and James Storm during his time in TNA. Aldis left TNA in 2015 and joined Global Force Wrestling, where he became the inaugural GFW Global Champion. He briefly returned to TNA in 2017 due to their partnership with GFW, but left later that year. In 2017, Aldis signed with the NWA and won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Tim Storm.

His historic reign lasted 945 days, during which he defended the title in 20 countries against various opponents such as Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon, and Colt Cabana. With a long history in wrestling, Aldis’ new role as General Manager has been appreciated by fans, gaining more recognition in WWE.


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