WWE title unification: how does Cody Rhodes fit into this potential plan?

Cody Rhodes is going to headline WrestleMania 40 as he became victorious in the Battle Royal match of the year on January 27. Cody had the chance to challenge Roman Reigns for his title but he instead gave Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson the opportunity to face the ‘Head of the Table’ in the WrestleMania 40 event.

Although this plan was highly disappointing for WWE fans, some have speculated that the Stamford-based company might have even bigger plans for the American Nightmare. According to rumors, Cody Rhodes might unify the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

How does WWE plan to use Cody Rhodes for title unification?

In the recent episode of SmackDown, Cody confronted ‘The Big Dog’ and said that he would slowly take everything from the Leader of the Bloodline, and the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship is just the start. The 38-year-old star said he is coming for Reigns but not at the ‘Show of Shows’, as he will face The Rock at WrestleMania in Pennsylvania.

Although fans were angry with this decision, a recent report has revealed the details of the said decision. According to a report made by PW Insider, the decision was made to use Cody Rhodes for title unification.

The report said, “While finishing the story was primed to climax at #WrestleMania 40, there were already some in WWE openly talking about the idea of Cody Rhodes winning the World Heavyweight Championship and then challenging the winner of Roman Reigns vs The Rock for Summerslam in a Title unification bout so that Cody could finally finish the story”.

Cody Rhodes will face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as Rollins has persuaded Rhodes several times to choose him as his opponent for WrestleMania on both social media as well as last week’s RAW. The greatest premium show is only a few weeks away and fans are very excited for their bout.

Why did WWE switch Cody Rhodes with The Rock?

WWE faced a lot of backlash after it was made official that The Rock would replace Cody Rhodes as ‘The Tribal Chiefs’ opponent at the Philadelphia event. Dave Meltzer has shed some light on why this decision was made by WWE. Meltzer said on the F4W Forum that “Dwayne pushed super hard for it. Read last week’s issue and this week’s. The card changed when Punk & Brock were out and all the dominoes fell. Dwayne already wanted it and they felt they now needed it as well. Felt this was better to change the news flow away from Vince”.

Dave even revealed that at first, Cody vs. Roman was the plan, but due to CM Punk’s injury at Royal Rumble and Vince McMahon’s sex scandal, the company had to change its decision. He said, “Cody was the plan. Dwayne was going to face him later—maybe next year’s Mania, maybe Saudi. The Vince thing ends up worse than they thought and they changed the plan. I literally didn’t know until yesterday that it could change and then I was told it’s under lock. But 100% it was Punk vs. Seth and Cody vs. Reigns until Punk got hurt”.

Cody Rhodes is scheduled to appear on this week’s Monday Night RAW, and fans are anticipating a head-on-head clash between ‘The Architect’ Seth Rollins and ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes. The last time they came face-to-face, Seth tried to persuade Cody to fight him over Roman Reigns and luckily this will happen in the upcoming WrestleMania 40 event in Pennsylvania.

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