4 years after receiving Seth Rollins apology, NJPW star sparks speculation of future WWE move to resume rivalry with the Drip God

Will Ospreay and Seth Rollins engaged in an infamous public social media feud about four years ago, with Rollins even going so far as to compare the two men’s bank accounts. A huge social media blowout ensued, and in the end, Rollins offered an apology to Ospreay. Now, with a possible move to WWE next year, the NJPW star may be ready to renew the rivalry.

Will Ospreay is regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers of this generation. He is currently under contract with NJPW and has also made several AEW appearances. His contract will soon expire, and he has recently indicated at a potential switch in career.

Will Ospreay sends stern warning to Seth Rollins

Will Ospreay was once involved in a heated feud with WWE superstar Seth Rollins, albeit on social media in 2019. At the time, Rollins was the Universal Champion of the company and declared WWE the best wrestling promotion and himself the best wrestler in the world. When Ospreay intervened in the conversation, it quickly led to a heated back and forth exchange between the two men.

Will Ospreay and Seth Rollins

Fast forward to 2023, Will Ospreay has talked about joining WWE in the future. In an interview with Metro.co.uk, the NJPW star was asked if he wanted to move to the Stamford-based promotion once his contract expires next year. The 30-year-old said that he is definitely open to the idea of relocating to the United States and competing in WWE.

On the subject of switching to WWE, Ospreay’s past with Seth Rollins was brought up. He talked about how when former WWE stars like Adam Copeland or Daniel Bryan said that their dream match was against Ospreay, he felt like it was a major compliment to him. Apparently, he has heard Seth Rollins say multiple times that he was the best in the world. And upon hearing that, Ospreay had this to say to the Drip God:

“My 50% is the best in the world, so if you actually got me at 100% I think you’d drown in these waters mate.”

If Will Ospreay does end up joining WWE next year, Seth Rollins might be one of the very first people on his list who he wants to challenge to prove his status as the ‘Best in the World’.

Explaining the beef between Seth Rollins and Will Ospreay from 2019

In the year 2019, the wrestling world saw an unlikely rivalry between two of the top superstars in the wrestling industry. Seth Rollins, who was the Universal Champion at the time, was praising WWE as the best wrestling promotion in the world and regarded himself as ‘the best of the best’. He also heaped praise on his fellow workers and WWE talent who worked hard to deliver their very best to the fans.

The situation took an unexpected turn when Will Ospreay, a prominent star in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), declared himself the best wrestler in the world due to his higher number of matches wrestled in a year compared to Seth Rollins. In response, Rollins countered by comparing his bank account to Ospreay’s. This sparked a significant controversy at the time, ultimately leading to Rollins issuing an apology to Ospreay for his earlier comments.

With Will Ospreay recently discussing the possibility of joining WWE in the future, it appears that his feud with Seth Rollins may not be completely finished. It will be intriguing to see whether he decides to sign with WWE once his contract with NJPW expires. Keep an eye out for additional updates.


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