Christian Horner takes a savage dig at Ted Kravitz during F1 broadcast one year after Red Bull’s boycott of Sky Sports

Christian Horner has always been fair to Red Bull, taking responsibility for any mishaps or incidents caused by the drivers of the team. Horner has been the team boss of the Milton Keynes based team since 2005, being there with the ups and downs of the team regardless of the situation.

The British individual does not tolerate any illegitimate accusations or disrespect shown to his drivers and hence recently he slammed Ted Kravitz during his own F1 broadcast.

Christian Horner brutally slams Ted Kravitz during F1 broadcast

Christian Horner gave a sharp response to one of the questions asked by the pitlane reporter, Ted Kravitz. He made fun of the  Sky F1 broadcaster’s expense throughout the weekend at the Circuit of the Americas. Horner also blamed the new track limiting rules for Verstappen’s unlucky qualifying run at the US GP 2023.

Kravits suggested that Max was suffering from a technical issue at the Sprint Race on Saturday. To his suggestion, Horner jokingly replied with “Ted’s always talking… usually not out of his mouth!”

Presenter Simon Lazenby, immediately defended his coworker by saying that Horner’s comment was “unfair” to which Horner added more.

“There are always things electrically you can tidy up,” 

“There’s some driveability stuff that Max wants us to tune before the race. [There was no issue] from a reliability point of view.”

Why did Red Bull boycott Sky Sports in 2022?

It is not certainly the first time that Ted Kravitz has disrespected Max Verstappen. Back in 2022,  Kravitz had commented on Lewis Hamilton “being robbed” of an eighth world title at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

This led to huge turbulence between SkySports and Red Bull, with the team withdrawing media privileges from Sky for the Mexico City Grand Prix. None of the key drivers approved of being broadcasted by the reporter.

Max Verstappen commented: “If you keep disrespecting me I am not tolerating it any more and that is why I decided to stop answering,” to which, Horner agreed, further saying “Max was upset. We were upset and we decided to stand together as a team. It won’t have done Sky any harm for us to lay down a marker. Some of the commentary is fair but some pieces are sensationalist and saying we robbed anyone of the championship, as was said in Austin, is going too far. It is not impartial or fair or balanced.”

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