After Logan Paul brutally slams Dillon Danis on WWE, Danis claims his Nina Agdal postings were for fun and to promote his boxing bout

Post his triumph over Dillon Danis, Logan Paul has been soaking in his victory. In an episode of WWE, he even hinted at influencing Bellator’s decision to release Danis. The bout between Danis and Paul became controversial due to Danis trash-talking Nina Agdal in the events preceding the fight.

Former Bellator MMA combatant, Dillon Danis, has defended his barrage of social media posts aimed at Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. He claims the posts were part of a light-hearted promotional stunt for a recent boxing event.

Dillon Danis claims his Nina Agdal posts were for jokes

Recently procured court documents revealed that Danis viewed his online trolling of WWE Superstar and model Nina Agdal as a form of promotional tactic meant to drum up excitement for the October 14th boxing match as per TMZ.

Interestingly, Danis denies any genuine animosity with Logan Paul by stating that it was all for fight promotion. Paul emerged victorious in the Misfits boxing bout, winning by disqualification. Agdal, in September, filed a grievance against Danis. She claimed his actions led to defamation.

Dillon Danis
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She also alleged that Danis shared explicit photos of her without her approval. In his defense, Danis counters these allegations. He posits that similar explicit and semi-nude images of Agdal are publicly accessible on her own social media profiles. Danis maintains that his remarks about Agdal fall under the protection of the First Amendment.

However, it remains to be seen what the judge and jury decide on the matter as it pertains to women’s rights. As the case progresses, Danis is gearing up for a courtroom battle, seeking a jury trial to address the charges leveled against him.

Logan Paul brutally slams Dillon Danis on WWE

On a recent WWE RAW episode, Logan Paul rejoined the wrestling scene, addressing WWE fans and sharing his future wrestling ambitions. During his in-ring speech, he emphasized his win over ‘El Jefe’ and insinuated that his match led to Bellator’s choice to part with Danis.

Paul, during his promo, remarked that he made Bellator MMA release Dillon Danis from their contract. While Paul’s statements exude confidence, it’s crucial to consider other factors. Speculations about Bellator merging with the Professional Fighters League are in the news. Given Danis’ inactive status since 2019 and his lack of enthusiasm to join PFL unless facing Jake Paul, such nuances might have influenced Bellator’s move.

Interestingly, despite their boxing bout, the light-hearted jibes between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis persist, hinting their rivalry is alive and well. Post his win, Logan Paul’s wrestling aspirations have taken center stage.

In a subsequent interview, he challenged WWE United States champion, Rey Mysterio. Accepting the gauntlet on a WWE SmackDown episode, the duo is slated to face off at WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the following Saturday.

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