After smashing record with 48 wins, Max Verstappen poised for F1 glory at Qatar GP

Max Verstappen has been on a roll ever since this season started. He has started off on a very high note and currently sits on top the standings for 400 points. His heroics have given him a record of 10 consecutive wins and very soon he maybe crowned as the 2023 champion.

Sergio Perez is 2nd in the driver standings with 223 points and due to thus massive point difference, Alonso and Hamilton are out of the competition. There are only 180 points left this season and for Perez to win the championship, Max needs to stay out of points in almost every race remaining.

Max Verstappen breaks F1 record with 48 wins at just 25 years old

Max Verstappen seems to be a magnet for collecting Formula 1 records in his wonderful F1 career. He is already the youngest driver to race in Formula 1 and also, the youngest ever to win a Formula 1 race.


Recently, he also took another record in his bag by becoming the youngest driver to win 48 races at just 25 years in F1. the most interesting fact about this was the fact that he got this record at 24 years itself. He had broken the earlier record of 29 wins at 25 years, held by Sebastian Vettel in August 2022 itself when he took his 9th win for the 2022 season on his way to another World Championship.


In fact, Max Verstappen has already broken most of the records for maximum number of wins at his age. This has become a stepping stone for his success basking in the glory of the Red Bull’s speed. If he stays in Red Bull for some more years, with the help of the ‘Master Airbender’ Adrian Newey, it is very likely that he can break the all time record of maximum number of wins by a single driver. This record is currently held by Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen on brink of 3rd consecutive F1 title

Max Verstappen has a massive lead over Sergio Perez and if he manages to win the Qatar GP, the point difference will be high enough to snatch away any chance of title from Sergio Perez.

formula 1 japanese gp 2023 max 2

His 3rd title will be his most dominant title in the history of Formula 1 with the most dominant car in form of RB19. What do you think about the King emerging in the world of Formula 1 emerging under the kingdom of Red Bulls? Will he become the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1? Let us know in the comments.


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