After strong performances in Austin and Mexico, Lewis Hamilton targets Red Bull showdown in Brazilian GP to break his 42-race drought

Lewis Hamilton has arguably had the worst years of his career ever since he lost the 2021 title fight. The 7-time maestro was on his way to takedown his rivals as he looked forward to his magical 8th championship after regulations changed. It didn’t work out as per his wishes however.

Lewis Hamilton had a record of winning a race every season ever since his debut in F1, but little did the Briton know, that he was about to experience a winless season for 2 years in a row and enter a painful draught of race wins. Lewis Hamilton is arguably frustrated and wants Mercedes to do better in 2024 while contesting in the few races left this season.

Lewis Hamilton vows to challenge Red Bull in Brazilian GP

Mercedes started off 2023 even worse than their earlier season as they ditched their zero sidepod concept and started working on their 2023 car with the new approach. The W14 which was expected to work on the shortcomings of its predecessor felt down the rankings again at the start of the season.

Lewis Hamilton had a hard time racing like he did before and getting the results he wanted. He even claimed that the car was undriveable and setup lofty goals for their 2024 car.

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But things seem to be changing this time around in the final races. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have shown a pace that rivals Red Bull, and it seems like Hamilton’s hunger for the win is driving him to fight Max Verstappen like a wounded predator. The Mercedes star has left no stone unturned in competing for the win in the past few races and Mexico GP was a prime example of the tenacity of Lewis with his W14.

Lewis Hamilton triggers Mercedes reprimand before home race weekend begins  : PlanetF1
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Toto Wolff applauded Hamilton’s driving calling it ‘perfect’, but Hamilton has something else in his mind. He has put out a bold statement before racing on one of his favorite tracks, “If it can be anything like Austin and we can get our strategy better then that would be incredible. I came away empty handed last year, so I don’t plan on that this year.”

Lewis Hamilton trails Sergio Perez by 20 points with three races left

The fight for the championships may have ended, but fans are witnessing a rigorous battle between Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton. The fight for second place in the world championship is picking up pace and only 20 points separate the two drivers currently. Perez needs to secure his 2nd place finish in order to satisfy Red Bull whereas, Hamilton needs to go berserk and finally get his 104th win now that he is confident enough in the W14.

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Both sides are in a war on track and the driver’s standings are equally important to their cause. Lewis Hamilton is keenly taking advantage of Checo’s bad results and he has sneaked closer to beating him for the 2nd place finish. He would be even closer if not for an unfortunate disqualification after the US GP, but Hamilton won’t give up as long as he has the car that can get him to the top.

The Brazilian GP is special for Lewis Hamilton and he will be wearing the helmet in memory of the great Ayrton Senna.

Do you think the legend is going to bless one of his biggest fanbase with a race win on their home track? What are your opinions about Hamilton’s race pace? Share with us in the comments below.


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