Aston Martin F1 chairman Lawrence Stroll shuts down exit rumors with emphatic reply: “Beginning of the journey”

Amidst the Formula One landscape this year, an abundance of rumours have circulated within the industry, and one notable speculation involves Lawrence Stroll giving up his ownership of the Aston Martin team. Reports have suggested that Stroll might be considering selling the majority stake to other investors, a move that would consequently lead to his departure from the team’s ownership.

In response to these speculations, the father of Aston Martin has recently denied any such intentions and made it clear that there is no truth in the rumours spread across the industry.

Lawrence Stroll replies to exit rumors

Lawrence Stroll, the father of Formula One driver Lance Stroll and the founder of the Aston Martin team, recently sold a portion of his shares in the racing team to Arctoc Partners. Despite speculation surrounding the share sale, Stroll has emphatically stated that he has no intention of leaving Aston Martin, as reported by the New York Times.

Stroll’s association with the team began in 2018 when he acquired the bankrupt outfit, then known as Force India. Since then, the team has undergone name changes, first to Racing Point and then to Aston Martin for the F1 2021 campaign, following Stroll’s investment in the British car manufacturer. Addressing recent speculation, Sky F1’s Craig Slater suggested that team owners like Stroll and Toto Wolff, who own one-third of Mercedes, might be considering selling shares amid the surging value of F1 teams. However, Stroll has made it clear that he is committed to Aston Martin for the long term.

He told the New York times “You don’t go spending hundreds of millions of pounds building the greatest new Formula 1 campus and hiring 400 of the greatest employees if you’re about to leave the business.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I plan to run these businesses for many years. I’m at the beginning of the journey on both.”

Aston Martin’s performance under Lawrence Stroll’s reign

Lawrence Stroll has been dedicated to enhancing Aston Martin since the inception of the team.

Under Stroll’s leadership, the team has made substantial investments in a new campus, a wind turbine, and a stimulator. Additionally, there has been significant expansion in the workforce, aligning with the team’s ambitious goal of achieving Formula One Championship glory.

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