Boxing fans ridicule Tyron Woodley’s assertion of giving Jake Paul credibility: “What a sh*t thing to brag”

Jake Paul has become one of the biggest stars in boxing right now. All credit goes to the skills and confidence he has shown fighting against regular fighters. His performances, especially against UFC star fighters, highlight that he is no longer considered just an ordinary figure in the world of boxing.

But recently, Tyron Woodley, who got beaten twice by Jake Paul, reflected on what those wins meant for Paul. Woodley even mentioned the Jake vs. Nate Diaz fight in the conversation.

Tyron Woodley: I’m the one that gave Jake Paul credibility

Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have already fought twice. The first bout took place on August 29, 2021, where Jake secured the victory. In their second encounter on December 18, 2021, Paul sealed the win in under 7 rounds via TKO.

Woodley considers these victories as the significant highlights of Paul’s career. He went on to compare Paul’s fights with Tommy Fury, Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, and Nate Robinson to his own experiences in a recent conversation with former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson.

Woodley gave all the credit to his two matchups with Jake Paul that led “Problem Child” to become one of the most successful boxers at such a young age. During a conversation with Demetrious Johnson, Woodley mentioned how Paul respected him and was a fan of his MMA background.

He emphasized that Jake understood that Tyron’s credibility mattered most to his career, more than the opponents like Nate Robinson, Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, or Tommy Fury. According to “The Chosen One,” he put in significant effort to elevate these two fights and claimed to have dealt the most impactful knockout blow against the 27-year-old boxer.

“Jake respected me and was kind of a fan of me in MMA, right?. He understood that I’m the one who gave Jake Paul credibility. Don’t get it f***** up. Not Nate Robinson, not Anderson Silva, not Nate Diaz, not Tommy Fury. None of those guys did. Because I called him out from culture to culture. I’m the one who had the big press conference with him. I did the most numbers with him, and when you look at the fight, I’m the one that really had the ability to hurt him.”

“By him beating me and coming back and knocking me out after we had a close fight, which most people thought I won, that gave him credibility. ‘Okay, I guess he’s a real fighter now.’” The real credibility moment according to Woodley, was when he got beaten by Split Decision but still came back and Paul delivered the knockout blow. That was the point he got the actual credibility. As per “The Chosen One,” he became the real fighter on December 18, 2021.

Boxing fans mock Tyron Woodley’s bold Jake Paul claims

Following Woodley’s comments, boxing fans started mocking the former UFC champion for taking credit for Jake Paul’s career.

One of the fans commented that Woodley is unnecessarily bragging about things and thanked him for being almost done with combat sports. “What a shit thing to brag about. Woodley’s a helmet glad he got sparked the mupp”

Another fan looked upset and said he got sad after reading the statement of the former UFC champion.

One fan found it odd for the former UFC champion to consider himself the best fighter when he had lost to Jake Paul. Another fan expressed a strange reaction to Woodley’s statement, especially considering his previous dominance as a champion in the UFC. “Weird flex. Got absolutely flatlined and thinks he has bragging rights as the best fighter to lose to Jake? Very strange from a fighter as accomplished as Tyron.”

Among the fans, one directly mocked the former UFC champion, asserting that he was an easy choice for Jake Paul, which is why Paul picked him.

As of now, Tyron Woodley is still seeking a third fight against Jake Paul, but Paul has not yet responded to the request.

Do you guys agree with Tyron Woodley’s thoughts on Jake Paul’s credibility?

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