Brad Pitt shows up at Rolex 24 to film his upcoming F1 movie with Lewis Hamilton

Formula One has been experiencing an outburst of popularity throughout every corner of the world, with the sport gaining more acknowledgement, especially since the Netflix documentary of the American series “Drive to Survive.”

Since then, many stars have been eager to portray the hardships of the daily life of a Formula One driver throughout his career. This is now becoming a reality, with the declaration of the making of a Formula One movie featuring none other than the sensational Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt attends the Rolex 24 event to film his F1 movie

The Rolex 24 at Daytona event had an unexpected guest, none other than the phenomenal movie star Brad Pitt, blessing the event, not as a fan but as part of the crew team in an upcoming Formula One movie.

The event is chosen to shoot several scenes in the movie in which Pitt plays the role of an elderly driver with a rumoured name of “Sonny Hayes,” who has made a major comeback in the industry in the latter part of his life. Although the release date for when it will be available to watch has not been revealed yet, we are aware that as soon as the movie is released, Apple will act as the distributor, as they have already secured the rights to do so.

However, the movie shoot has been reported to be a menace for the other divers due to the increasing security measures surrounding Pitt’s motorhome, which has eventually created a lot of chaos. Additionally, Indycar driver Scott McLaughlin was forced to deny access to his motorhome as he was not carrying his credential for entry, which is unusual as the driver was still wearing the uniform, coming directly from his racecar.

What role will Lewis Hamilton play in the Brad Pitt F1 film?

It is reported that Hamilton will also be on the set, in the roles of producer and consultant. This involvement is due to his newly established production company, Dawn Apollo Films. The seven-time World Champion had also stated that he was part of the audition phase to look for actors who could be a potential key figure in the film, apart from Brad Pitt.

Alongside, it has also been unveiled that Joseph Kosinski, director of the “Top Gun: Maverick” movie with Jerry Bruckheimer, will also be assisting Hamilton in the producer role.

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