Charles Barkley wants to whoop Chad Gable’s a** for turning on Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn, following his win against Chad Gable on WWE RAW, soaked in the adoration of the Montreal crowd. In celebration of his first successful Intercontinental title defense, Zayn shared a lovely moment of embrace with his wife Khadija at ringside.

Tragedy struck soon enough as a villainous Chad Gable suplexed Sami out of his wife’s hands. Gable continued the assault before applying the Ankle Lock on Sami, who was dangling through the ropes to close the show. This did not go down well with most fans and NBA legend Charles Barkley is one of them.

Talking on the “Pat McAfee Show,” Chuck revealed his displeasure with what went down after the match and was ready to throw hands with Gable. “You know what, I was going to fly up there and whoop Gable’s ass. That man whooped [Sami’s] ass in front of his wife and parents. I didn’t like that at all. You can’t kick a man’s ass in front of his wife and parents. I didn’t like the ending. You can’t kick a man’s ass at his house. That’s bad karma,” said Chuck when McAfee asked him about Sami’s entrance on Monday night.

After months of failure to win the title from Gunther, Gable saw his dreams crushed again on RAW. Just like Gunther left his daughter crying in the front row, the Alpha Academy leader made sure to do the same with Zayn’s family, even in defeat.

Despite the crowd’s initial negative reaction to being Gunther’s challenger, Sami Zayn won over the fans again after winning the title from the Austrian at WrestleMania 40. After WWE RAW went off-air, Sami Zayn recovered to respond to the attack.

Sami Zayn sends clear message to Chad Gable

A battered Sami Zayn grabbed a microphone after the severe beatdown from Gable. In a video, recorded by a fan in the crowd, Sami is seen sitting in the ring to issue a message to Gable. “As soon as this gets better, I am coming back to kick your b**ch a**,” declared the IC Champion.

After the kickoff of the rivalry in Canada with the crowd serenading Gable with French obscenities, the feud could lead to a match at WWE Backlash in France next month. Till now there has been no official announcement regarding this, but it’s worth keeping an eye on this developing rivalry.

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