Triple H shares thoughts on Rhea Ripley’s tough decision to Relinquish the WWE Women’s World title

On Monday Night RAW in Montreal, Rhea Ripley had to face the hard truth: shoulder injuries have forced her to give up the WWE Women’s World Championship and take a break to heal up. In response to Ripley’s unfortunate move, WWE CCO Triple H immediately expressed sympathy and comprehension.

Rhea Ripley has shown her mettle as one of WWE’s top female performers through the ups and downs of her tenure with the company. It was clear on RAW that Ripley had strong feelings for the belt when she reluctantly placed it in the ring. Later on, backstage, she said goodbye to the other wrestlers and acknowledged her long absence with fellow judgment day members.

Additional behind-the-scenes photos surfaced on social media, including Triple H’s hug with the former champion offering a positive message. Sharing his backstage interaction with Mami, Triple H tweeted, “Absolutely no doubt in my mind that @rhearipley_wwe will come back tougher, stronger and more dominant than ever. Thank you, Rhea, for a reign that the entire WWE Universe can be proud of.”

After Hunter sent out his statement, the 27-year-old former champion responded with a touching tweet that went viral in the wrestling world.

Rhea Ripley’s emotional reply to Triple H’s tweet

Triple H has always believed in Rhea Ripley’s abilities and has been an outspoken supporter of her as a top female performer in WWE. Thanks to Triple H’s mentoring, Rhea has accomplished great things, such as facing off against Nia Jax at WWE Elimination Chamber and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40. Recognizing the weight of Triple H’s remarks, Rhea tweeted her appreciation for his support throughout her lengthy time as champion.

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In response to Triple H’s comments, Rhea Ripley showed her gratitude to the WWE chief creative officer by using a black heart emoji. As one of the most legendary figures in the women’s division, her 380-day reign as champion is sure to go down in history.

Giving up the championship is a turning point in Rhea’s career that shows how determined and resilient she is. Her will has not wavered, and she will undoubtedly recover and even thrive in the face of this challenge.

Do you believe Rhea Ripley will reclaim a championship title once she returns from her injury? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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