Conor Benn predicts round one win against Peter Dobson, provides update on UK ban

Conor Benn, having demonstrated his potential as a future world champion, is struggling to articulate what is truly bothering him before his first showdown in 2024. In the process of healing and preparing for the fight on February 3rd, Benn’s UK ban allegation plays a significant role.

Benn, after fighting in 2023, is now preparing to fight against Peter Dobson. His last fight against Rodolfo Orozco went to the distance of 10 rounds. However, now, once again, Benn is getting ready to knockout his opponent.

Conor Benn discusses the upcoming bout with Peter Dobson.

The 27-year-old has made the mark in boxing ring with his knockout skills. His impressive finishes against his opponents have pushed his career to become one of the most challenging aspects for the current best fighters.

Being undefeated in the past 22 fights is enough to represent what he exactly wants to do to his opponent, with 14 knockouts and 8 decision victories to his name. The WBA continental welterweight champion has Peter Dobson next for his 23rd fight, hinting at fighting more than once this year.

Recently, Ariel Helwani and Conor Benn engaged in a conversation about his prediction for the next fight. Benn responded, stating it would be “one round.” However, before that, Benn informed Helwani that Davidson was attempting to escalate this fight into a rivalry.

Benn expressed his frustration, saying, “On our way to the Las Vegas sign, someone sent him a message because the person said I’m gonna send him a message to beef it up. Then he started talking. I’m like, you’re such a P***y like you can’t you do that…. That’s Just P***y Behavior.”

Later Benn also confirmed that his dad would be witnessing this moment. Conor Benn’s dad, Nigel Benn, was also a professional boxer, with 42 wins and 35 coming out of knockout only. “The Dark Destroyer” was one of the most decorated boxers in the middleweight and super-middleweight divisions.

Why is Conor Benn banned from fighting in the UK?

In April 2023, Conor Benn was accused of using banned substances, which led to the consequences in the form of a ban. The UK Anti-Doping Agency suspended him from fighting any of the fights in the United Kingdom.

However, after 3 months, the National Anti-Doping Panel came forward, supporting Benn, and helped in processing the ban lift. Though this thing continued with UKAD and BBBoFC appealing against this judgment, this led them not to allow Conor to fight on the soil of the UK.

To oppose all these allegations and verdict, the WBA continental welterweight title holder has come forward and made a statement about continuing to prove his innocence till he doesn’t get the clean slate from the authorities.

Conor Benn said, “I will continue to fight, continue to shout from the rooftops, and protest my innocence because I am. Some will always believe me, and some won’t. I’ve become accepting of that.” Via. Sporting News.

After the ban was lifted, Conor Benn fought again in September last year, defeating Rodolfo Orozco with a unanimous decision. Now Conor is about to fight against Peter Dobson. Fans can expect to see their favorite boxer fight twice or three times fighting this year.

What are your thoughts on how Conor Benn will secure the victory by knockout or decision?


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